New Changes, New Mandatory Skills (Inferno)?

So, with the changes to dexterity (monk damage, +dodge), armor (now being what defense used to be), and some of the monk abilities, how does everyone feel about:!YXd!

How can you justify not taking those abilities (outside of PvP)?

edit (after first two replies) - I'm talking about PvE, specifically the harder difficulties
It really depends on the difficulty of the encounters. There is little purpose loading up on defensive abilities if you are not in danger. If you really need to load up on defensive abilities to survive in the most difficult setting, then so be it.
I don't know about mandatory, but I do feel that the monk is the best melee solo'er for harder difficulties because its skills/passives synergize so well.

Skills with sub-par gear (i.e. first run through):!XWU!YY.ccc

With the passives the monk will have max dodge (mantra + passive), and extra defense (mantra of evasion ruined). More dex means more damage and evasion, which means you could change out passives. If you get lucky and get alot of resist all, you change passive for damage. Get lucky with lots of +crit chance, you can change passives. Have enough armor, change passive. What ever you are lacking or have an abundance of, you can make change your skills/passive to make it more efficient.

Add in 1 healing skill (which also adds damage), and the monk seems to be the best choice.

Monk has the best survivability (armor + evasion + healing) and with synergies should be able to DPS very well. What other character can do it all?

I agree with most of this. I feel like monks benefit the LEAST from 'resist all'. They would want to max one resistance and just use one with everything.

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