Demon Hunter
I created a Demonhunter and logged into the game. I then looted the dead corpse and got 2 gold. After I looted the 2 gold, I killed the first zombie/ghoul. I walked 2 feet and tried to attack the next ghouls. The game wouldnt response to the action, however everything still moved, but did not aggro me. I walked as far as I could go. I exited the game with task manager because the game would not let me do so. I then relogged and get the error code (error_395002). This is an error about my hero, and I cant enter the game or character screen. What can I do to fix this?
This happened to me as well a little bit ago. I exited the game and waited for about 10 minutes. I went back in and it was working fine. Not entirely sure what causes this error, but for now waiting it out seems to work. I saw in other threads that other people were also able to wait it out when they got this error.

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