Mass beta invites?

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Just got my invite, which means that 1 million other people must have gotten it as well, as my luck is just not that good. Seems there are a lot of threads about invites.

Could this be the first step in the massive waves to test further server stability? Post if you got an invite recently.
just got in!
i just got in as well...its funny cuz i just read this post..check and got it...
Oh man, thanks for the heads up gosu!
I checked tonight and bam, beta invite! Woot :)
posting again to check beta icon XD
Just got in tonight as well.
:( Still didn't get one. Hopefully I will though. Gratz on all that did.
Yeah, I just checked and I got in sometime this afternoon :D.
i got mine too!
I just got mine as well!! ;D
prolly mass envites to stress test the servers, got mine btw :)
Thank you for making this thread! I got it too =D

edit: It's 330am, 15GB download...oh well, sleep is overrated anyway.
edit: 15GB required space, download is about 3GB
Yep, Just got one also. Don't know if having the account email associated with Paypal matter or not but out of experience of several of mine and other friends accounts, seem like that helped.
Got in.
How do you change your profile picture to the diablo 3 icon?
congrats to all who got in!

sigh, i still haven't received mine yet... :\

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