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I don't know if this has been mentioned on the forums yet, and seeing as how I just got my beta key, I'm now posting my query. Since we are venturing back into the Cathedral...who else would like to see a return of this classic Diablo villain?
Too bad we already slaughtered him and took his cleaver which then is used to slay Leoric :3
And Leoric came back why cant the butcher?
Whos to say he wont? We'll have to play the game to find out.
I have recently come across a whole slew of individuals who never played Diablo, and started on Diablo 2. I'm hoping that with Blizzards usual nod to the fan base, that there will be some sort of reference to our favorite bane of Diablo.
Unfortunatly you are not the first one to think of that dude :)
There are thousands of topics commenting the return of Butcher in D3.
Everyone wants him back, off course.

I was feeling like: "oh ok, the y removed the butcher now, but theres a really impresive boss coming now: The SiegeBreaker"...but then i was like:
"oh man they removed the siegebreaker and that awesome death cinematic! what it will be of us now?"

So, im not expecting anything more from this game...one day it will eventually be released and we will buy it no matter what...
No need to get hyped now.
butcher for act 1 main boss???
i do believe people have datamined sillouettes of the act bosses and none of them are the butcher. I dont really see how he would be a competant act boss when we still have prime and lesser evils to kill anyway.
the butcher IS returning in the game.
look here
he has a sickle http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-butchers-sickle

I really think, if they were going to have the Butcher somewhere in the game, they would keep this secret so it was a surprise for all of us.

So I still have hope I'm gonna see him around. And I hope they can make it in a way to scare me as much as possible.
I know the butcher scared the crap out of me as a kid. Seeing him back would be wicked.
While I of course would love to see the Butcher make a triumphant return (After all he was a Demon slain on Earth, not in Hell) I would also love to see a few more creatures along his lines throughout the game as rare random encounters in the maps.

What I mean by that is I'd love to see some some insanely intelligent and particularly powerful enemies in areas before we see there kind normally. The scariest thing about the Butcher other than his catchphrase was when we were all shooting through bars at him and he went over, opened the door, and came in to kill us all. First time my Family and I met him we all wiped. (It was awesome in its own way)

I'd love that kind of terror to be possible while roaming around through dungeons but never being a guarantee, adds to the atmosphere if you ask me. (And no I don't think rares are anywhere near as smart or powerful as the Butcher was.)

Maybe particularly powerful creature encounters could be setup as Events like the Jar of Souls and the Matriarch's Bones are? I think that'd be a great way of introducing Villains of the Butcher's like, never required but possible to encounter if you go the right way.
Possible spoiler:

If my memory serves me correctly, I read somewhere that it was datamined that the Butcher was the boss of the first act. There are 4 pictures that go along with your character information to show which bosses you've killed. The first picture looked strikingly like the Butcher.
There's already the skeleton-king back. Also diablo will be back, (that's no spoiler, I'm just assuming because, well, the game is called Diablo3). How many evils will we see again?
I doubt any more, they can't just bring back every single memorizable enemy, that would be too silly, I'm afraid.
There certainly will be references in items though.
not to rain on yalls parade but, i dont think D3 is ever going to be as scary as the original diablo was. The OG was a new innovative game with a genre either rarely or never seen before (idk which :p) And it was also rare to see any form of gore in games back in the day so people weren't used to it. now its in almost every game so even tho it will be cool; but it wont be as scary as it once was...
unless the cinematic's are written by the director of Saw :D
02/26/2012 05:34 PMPosted by DGr8Looter
the meteor came down and resurrected everyone the butcher is back it is widely known that he is act 1 boss

I didn't even put that together. I knew that archangels (Tyrael in the meteor) being near an area can resurrect dead but I didn't connect that it's the reason why the Skeleton King and the Butcher are back. Makes sense.

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