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I got the personality of a panda. No allusion to MoP or Po. I am actually made big with a belly, love food and consider very seriously going into culinary arts. I have been devoted to my father for the last 14 years, He who is sick with the Mary strumpell disease.
He can't be alone, ever. So I made a lot of sacrifices along my life as for going out and have fun with friends. Mostly playing pc/ps3... Had even an Xbox/360, have a Gc and a wii.

Always enticipated every beta possible from blizzard as I am now almost 26 years old, blizzard's games were part of my growing experience more than ever. I even remember playing Warcraft orcs and humans for hours since thats all I had besides taking care of my old men. Ive been into cata beta, sc2 beta, I was expecting to be into d3 beta as well.... With no luck(I guess it's luck at this point).

As to return to my very loved father, his life is almost to an end. Having a persistent sound in both ears, blind and atrophied from head to thoes... I pass all my days from 4h pm to 5ham at his side in case he needs anything. Rest of the time I sleep and some help is offered 7 h a day 6 days a week. He will be on morphine very soon and let himself go...

All this to make people think about what they post on forums, ranting about how a company is not listening to their complains.... So much negativity over the Internet it's almost making me more sad than what I live everyday...

On that note, no I still didn't get any beta invite for diablo 3 and I've been patient since that beta has started. Some parts tells me that they won't give any to Quebec resident as for a stupid law on French language...(would like more depts to this)

Enjoy your evening everyone has life is always good.
Your a hero for taking care of your father the way you have and I'm glad you have turned out to be an optimist in life. I agree, people complain on little stuff, but such is the way of life.
When you strip off everything to someone that the slightest going out, even just an hour or 2 feel like the time of your life, there is no way you can't be optimistic.
You should get with the poor soul who was just diagnosed with cancer and wants a beta key. Maybe if everyone who's suffering from something pleaded on the forums we could get blizz to do an open beta. or even better... give a release date.
Complain isn't my goal, if I get that beta, great, if not then I'll only enjoy the final version even more. If there's something this way of life has given me, it is really patience.
(always on the way to inner peace)

Reckoning is coming out soon, matter of 4 days.... That will keep me busy for a while.
Ya, that poor soul with brain cancer deserves a beta key, although its only a matter of time before he is no longer able to understand how to play the game.
Forgot to mention that all this patience would not have been if it wasn't from my father's teachings. That disease is indeed progressive so he lost over time... Ironically he was nurse and worked 20 years as when he started to be sick, they just got rid of him. Even when he won his case in court that he had still a couple years left able to work, they didnt take him back... Sadly no sindicate at that time.

As for that cancer person (Hang on), makes me think about the movie fanboy where one guy of this small gang is going to die 6 months before the release of star wars episode 1 and they planned to break over Lucas ranch to steal the movie....

Life is possibilities, we evolute for the better and perhaps someday consciousness will prevail over anger and hatred.

If you are concerned that you wont get the beta key. Trust me you are not missing much. It is just a hint of the first act and the first boss which I believe you will clear in first 2 hours when you start. However; I really, really, really hope that you get a beta key to experience it all.

Good luck with your life, may God bless you.
Any information concerning the Quebec boycut?
i dont think they boycutting Quebec,i live in laurentide and got a beta pass this week
People living in Quebec can receive beta keys, but not through contests.
Im from quebec and have the beta.... Got lucky since we cant participate to any contest.... but keep faith my friend, you can get lucky too...
02/03/2012 02:31 PMPosted by Bouleau
People living in Quebec can receive beta keys, but not through contests.

So basically, sit on your butt and take it when(if) it comes...
So much participation made everywhere for 0 winning chance. Screw law 101

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