My Retribution or (Radiation) Build

hi all,

Just having some fun with the calculator. I think it's fun to find a theme or try a build and then see if it really plays out as expected... Let me know what you think:!ZYc!bYZYZY

I picked Mantra of Retribution because it seems a little counter-intuitive. Sure the Monk is a damage dealer, but they're melee with limited armor. Consequently avoiding damage (dodge) has generally been a critical part of the build. Throw that idea out the window

I imagine there are any number of errors in my logic, but my idea is that if I can generate enough Spirit to pop Breath of Heaven at will - I am good to go. With that in mind I've focused on Spirit generation for heals and enough Spirt to layer on additional DPS. I like Inner Sanctuary and Serenity, but wasn't sure I would continue to radiate retribution and didn't want the cool downs.

I also like Wave of Light, but it's 100 Spirt and I thought that might be too rich with Breath of Heaven at 50. You can get a Rune to knock it down to 75, but I decided that it was an advantage to use Cyclone and keep everyone bunched together.

I picked The Guardian's Path for the 20% Spirit generation. I think Chant of Resonance is boring, but at this point I am convinced I want Spirit generation - so I warmed up to the extra 1 point per/second. I also took Transcendence for the 118.6 life because I am afraid I've got a glass cannon and not a tank.

I really wanted Seven-Sided Strike. I like it and have room, but I was afraid that another 50 point spirit skill would leave me damage rich and spirit poor. I hadn't paid any attention to Tempest Rush before, but now I love it. I actually wanted the passive skill, Fleet Footed. Yes I am probably the only person, but I like having some utility and I love to run around in dungeons quickly. Tempest fits perfect (if I can use it like I hope). The spirit cost is cheap and I added the Indigo Rune for +125% speed! yahoo. Meanwhile with Transcendence I can run, heal and radiate damage - sweet.

just swapped in the obsidian rune for Cyclone I am starting to like this build.!ZYc!bYZcZY
I really like your build as well. But why golden rune for Fists of Thunder? It only works on critical hits which with 2 handers and non-crit gear don't come that often. I like crimson a lot on it because not only does it give a little bit of AoE but also it lets you teleport, which is really convenient, and means killing more enemies in a shorter amount of time means utilising your limited bonuses to greater effect. Also, if you're gonna stick with obsidian rune on Cyclone strike, go for the Guiding Light passive. I'd swap it with transcendence, but as you said you don't like Chant then swapping that would work too.

I like your build a lot.
Thanks for the great feedback. I agree with you on Crimson Rune for Fists of thunder. I've flipped it in/out several times. I figured that this would be a high dex build, so crits should be higher then normal. Curious how it plays out, but if it's not helpful or if Spirit generation proves more fluid then I expect - I think this is a good switch.

I also like the Guiding Light recommendation. Thanks. I think that's another potential change that I would make if heals and spirit generation are better then expected. This is a damage dealer and more damage is almost always better! Although damage dealers do 0 dps when dead!

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