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Required gear for hardcore players?
We have backup power supplies on all equipment in our home office (which is also our play room), so it's viable when one can get a really good deal on the power backup units. I think we payed somewhere around $130.00 for each of ours and have 4 of them in our office protecting all the computers, laptops(yes. even the laptops due to the surge protection in our power backup units), printers, routers, modems etc. Of course not all of our equipment is on at the same time, else we'd likely trip the power backup fuse.

In general, the battery in our units lasts between 3 and 5 years but are relatively cheap to replace and for our model, one can buy the battery in the local radio control hobby shop.
02/04/2012 01:01 AMPosted by Hanhan
It'll be useless because you need a constant internet connection to play, so unless your UPS is also supporting your modem and router, you'll still get booted during a power outage.

You know most UPS's have multiple outlets right?
eh I see some cheap models on newegg for 40 dollars or so. They only have a few minutes of battery time though.
Even good, relatively expensive ones can't run a high-end machine and large LCD monitor for very long. You'd up spending more on a UPS system than you did on your machine if you wanted to play longer than 30 minutes in an outage.

Plenty of juice to save/exit/shutdown, though, or not get knocked off for a brief power 'blip.'
use a laptop --- put UPS on router/modem


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