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i was wondering if you guys knew if you put MF items on your follower if that % would stack with the MF% items you have on your character?

thanks guys.
i just came back to check for replies, but i did some testing, but it seems that your MF% for your character increases 1% for every item you equip on your follower that has any type of MF.

just in case anyone was wondering.
EDIT 2: It's definitely 25% of follower's MF, rounding down. Just equipped 7% MF ring on follower and only got +1%, meaning that 25% of 7 is 1.75 so that is rounded down to 1.

EDIT: I just threw a 8% shield onto my templar, and gained 2% MF. Therefore since 20% of that would be 1.6, and 25% is exactly 2, we can say that it's either a) 25% of follower's MF, or b) between 20-25% of follower's MF, rounding to closest integer.

According to another thread, you get somewhere between 20-25% of your follower's MF%, rounded down. So if you have a 14%MF ammy on your templar, you'll get 2-3%MF added (depending on what the fractional percentage is, don't have a 14% ammy so i couldn't tell ya).

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