I wonder how hardcore will be handled

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I mean, will it be as frustrating as it was in Diablo 2? Spending weeks leveling your character only to get TPPK'd or die to the black wall haha
As frustrating as those were, I feel confident that Blizzard will play closer attention to issues like that.

I lost too many characters to those issues, ugh.
Blizzard is making the game so that while it's challenging, there won't be the one-hit-wonder monsters you saw in D2. It'll be a challenge, but in the same way they make it so we can't cheese stuff like town portals, monsters won't cheese us with crazy amounts of life leech or things like that.
02/04/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Jungcall
tere ar bugs in ever game, so don't bet on 0 glitch. y play hardco in teh 1st place? won't u rather keep ur items n gold n make some profit off it with ah?

English much?

Because some people like the challenge of hardcore mode. Not everyone likes things handed to them on a silver platter. It's not like you would make that much money on the RMAH by spending your time farming anyways.
After reading jungcall's other posts, I had to put him ignore... his/her poor spelling and grammar give me a headache.

Back on Topic... I can't wait to see what Hardcore will be like... i would imagine that a lot of the frustrations that exist in D2 will be addressed in D3... well, you can hope :)

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