how ill gona be trade item x item?

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Well, i have a doubt about how its gonna be a trade item x item, everybody knows there are AH and there we can trade our itens by gold, but if we want to trade an excellent item for other item that works for you?
As we know D3 have a randomizations rooms that we join, diferent from D2, that had rooms only for trade.
We are now limited to trade item x item only with our friend list and players at the room (4 player),its a little doubt about this question, if anyone have any ideia about it, enjoy!

ps: srry about my poor english, im brazilian ;p
Blizz said that it will be possible to trade item vs. item in a game.

And there will be chat-channels where you can find someone who is willing to trade for your item.
But as it is now (and I never heard of anything different), you have to have the person you want to trade with on your friendlist to get into the same game.

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