Defensive pvp monk

Looking at making a monk that brings heals, survivability, and some sustainable damage to a pvp group... this is what I came up with:!WeU!ZaabZc
Damage using hundred fists and wave of light, mobility via dashing strike, group-wide cc breaks and defense via serenity, heals via breath (considered going with cyclone runed for heals instead... but costs would be higher), evasion for self and group wide dodge, sixth sense, pacifism, and one with everything to basically be strong against most any type of incomming damage at all times...

open to suggestions or comments... as usual ;)
I'd probably run Mantra of Conviction with Intimidation (30% less damage) or Mantra of Healing with Time of Need and swap out One with Everything for Resolve or Flat Footed.

Nice build imo though and lot of these things will come down to playstyle, gear choices, and what's popular in the arena.
maybe I'll go with conviction and intimidation... adds damage and still reduces incomming damage by 30%... reduction may not be as much as adding dodge and armor but ... /shrug... and in that case I'll probably stick with one with everything... assuming I can get at least one resistance fairly high ;)!VeY!ZcabZY

This would be a more defensive monk. Dont rune abilities to do more dmg but rune them to help your allies and keep you and them alive.

I would even drop the super nuke for this!VeY!ZcabcY

having your ally out providing 50% more HP and a stun, you cant go wrong and would be better used than the big hit Wave of Light.
I want to help my group... but I don't want to be relegated into a healer role. I want to provide damage as well as survivability... My guess is I'll be targetted last anyhow so I don't know that having the pet would truly be necessary... I'd rather focus on skills that benefit my group and then skills that enable me to provide as much damage as possible.

only time will tell though ;)
I actually think that I may go with crippling wave and an alabaster instead of hundred fists though... provides a slow and slows enemy attack speed AND increases damage by 15% (mine and my group's)

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