Finally ready...

to post my theoretical monk build!!!!Yag!cZbZYb

It's all pretty straight-forward. Survivability is kind of a mess of reducing enemy damage, self healing, damage boosters that leave nothing alive to hit me, and other things I forget. I figure I also can't be hit while using SSS, and tempest rush is a pretty cool gtfo ability that i can spam for free. I can even use it as a gap closer without wasting spirit. So, I don't have any passive spirit regen because I have the one spirit ability with the big CD, and the kick (cause why monk if you only punch?) which can be a little more spammable with an awesome knockback (one of my fav mechanics). I saw that the mantra healing was reduced from every hit to "up to 30%," but I would still like to try it.
I'm not crazy about monk passives in general, but I will definitely get lots of use out of the 3 I chose. Let me know what you think. I know it may not be inferno-worthy because everyone seems to describe those builds as "spam defensive crap and do a little kiting damage when you can." I just want it to be well-rounded and fun with some of the coolest looking abilities.
i wouldnt put too much effort into a potential build w the way blizz has been retracting all their implemented systems. i expect all these skills/runes to be changed :(
You have Obsidian Crippling Wave. I think you're good for high-damage situations.
02/04/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Ludwíg
I figure I also can't be hit while using SSS
I originally thought that too but then I saw a newer SSS internal video where the animation was MUCH FASTER and the original monk stayed in his position and could potentially continue doing other things.
OH I found the video
At least there are no glaring errors or very gross deficiencies. Thank you everyone so far. Input is still always welcomed.
02/04/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Candle
OH I found the video

Video is of older version, and emulated (not bnet); so probably buggy?

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