Worldstone Repercussions

Lore and Story
Just brewing some what-if Diablo scenarios. When Worldstone was "destroyed," what results from the loss/disappearance of this primordial relic that is essentially the heart of Creation would potentially affect the whole of Creation?

Not just for Sanctuary, Heaven, the Burning Hells, and those unknown... A repercussion upon the Abyss and the Void. (We all know who's out there waiting...)
Without the Worldstone, neither Heaven nor Hell, has the means to create new dimensions or expand the territory of their respective domains. This is however a power which they had already lost (and eventually intentionally gave up) long ago when Inarius stole the Worldstone, and also when both sides specifically chose to leave Sanctuary alone.

In regards to the Power of the Nephalum, I imagine we'll see humans start getting stronger again of their own accord, possibly slowly getting stronger with each new generation (noting of course that a generation has already passed since D2). We might also find specific individuals whom just "awaken" to their new powers in a manner similar to Uldysseus and his followers. I personally like to think that the reason why the Player Characters in D3 are so powerful compared to the average person is because they can partially tap that potential already. Some folks are also speculating that "Leah" might have a moment when she awakens Nephalum powers.

Hiding Sanctuary... The Worldstone wasn't really doing this anymore since the events of the Sin War. Since then both The Heavens and The Hells have known of Sanctuary, and both sides have had ways of getting there (Prime Evils and Tyrael for example). The only reason they generally don't go to Sanctuary is because there's supposed to be a treaty agreeing not to (but we all know how good Hell is at obeying Treaties...).

Lack of Control. One of the more interesting but lesser known qualities of the Worldstone was its general ability to influence the Nephalum (humanity) and not just by stymieing their powers. The Prime Evils wanted to corrupt the Worldstone so that they could corrupt the Nephalum and control them as an army against Heaven. Now that the Worldstone is gone, neither Angels nor Demons have it as a means to control the path humanity takes. Since humans ultimately have the potential to become greater than either Angel or Demon, there must be those on either side of the eternal conflict nervous over the fact they don't have a means to control them anymore.

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