Impossible to get achievement?

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There's an achievement to help the Blacksmith reach Level 4, but in order to do so I have to have "pages of blacksmithing" which from what I understand can't be gotten on normal mode.

Does this mean I can't get this achievement on the Beta? and does this also mean I cannot get the achievement for getting all the beta achievements?

Iron heart only requires level 4. You're already level 4. You don't require pages til level 5. If you hit level 4 BEFORE the database maintenance that came shortly after patch 10, then Iron Heart is impossible, because you only achieve it when you first leveling him to level 4. And because he's already level 4, you can't get him to level to level 4 again. You're going to have to ignore that one for the time being, I'm afraid.
i'll tell you the impossible achievement, to ressurect each of the classes, the whole time i've played i've only seen 1 person die
It still shows the page of blacksmithing. Must be a bug then.

And you're right, I've never seen anyone die before lol.
As of right now, Iron Heart is the only achievement I need to get the Overachiever achievement. :/

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