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So I just finished getting all of my achievements besides the bugged gold one
Was wondering do these achievements get wiped with the characters (hope not) as I just spent a good amount of time convincing people to let themselves die rofl.

If they don't get wiped ima have a hassle hoping they can fix the gold achieve bug so I can get all of my achieves completed :)

if they are wiped though lmk please as I won't bother worrying about it then.
When they wipe the beta, everything goes; character, achievement, everything.
This also applies to when the real game launches. Everything will disappear from the beta then too so that you're not ahead of anyone at launch. :)
did this happen with the last beta wipe if anyone knows? did they wipe the achievements also? was just wondering because it would be cool to keep the beta banner stuff from beta and have it exclusive to beta participants
everything will go. you will start fresh as everyone else
You think you had it hard?! Try this:

I went into a broken game (where you can't enter the SK crypt to complete the quest) and managed to convince two players to do the achievement with me, instead of moving over to another game. It took a long time, but eventually turned my way... except for one thing: People who were there before us apparently got bored and killed nearly everything! We had to run around checking every corner and every room for signs of enemies. After a long time, we managed to find a cellar in the old ruins that had 4 half dead zombies. Yes, 4.

Those little zombies were doing 1-3 damage every few seconds. It took forever for us to do just one revive. But, progress is progress. We chatted as we watched our health globes trickle down. It wasn't too bad. The socializing was a blast. Finally, the barb got down to his last 5% or so, and I was all excited. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash and all the zombies were dead! We were all in disbelief, not knowing what in the world just happened. I thought someone pressed the wrong button and slashed the zombies in one fell swoop. Well, I was almost right: A 4th player joined, spawned on one of us, noticed that we were being attacked and were about to die, thinking that we might be AFK he Wave of Forced the zombies at 350% of his weapon damage... sad panda :(

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