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Demon Hunter
Hey - I haven't spent a lot of time looking into things for the DH but what my build is trying to accomplish is high mobility/kiting with heavy nukes. This is mainly a PvE build targeted at surviving Boss Fights in Inferno.!aUg!aaaccb
Evasive Fire (Alabaster) - create as much distance as possible.
Rain of Vengeance (Alabaster) - More CC. The cd is quite long though but damage seems high. Ultimately it seems like there are better choices which I will end up taking like Rapid Fire instead for more sustained damage.
Multishot (Alabaster) - Discipline regeneration.
Caltrops (Obsidian) - More CC and kiting utility.
Smoke Screen (Obsidian) - Short aggro drop while providing some hate regeneration.
Sentry (Golden) - health regeneration.

Tactiacal Advantage - Synergizes with Smoke Screen and Evasive Fire.
Perfectionist - I will rely upon many of my utility based abilities.
Custom Engineering - I'm a little bit on the fence abou this one. I think it will work great with my traps and sentry but then again - there might be better choices like Vengeance, Sharpshooter, Steady Aim.

Anyway - what is your input? I would like to hear you suggestions on a survival/mobility build.
My input is there is no way you can speculate on any of this yet. The rune system isn't done and nobody outside Blizzard has playtested anything past level 13.
If you look around you can actually find quite a bit of information on Inferno. And with what you can know for sure, you can easily make some assumptions about Inferno that let you guide your build for now. It's true the runestone system will likely change a bit, but having a starting point with what you want to do is a good idea.

The choice between Rain of Vengeance, and Rapid Fire isn't really a choice. Your comparing an AoE ability to a single target nuke ability. Rapid Fire is great, but you need to sort of build around it's use in order to get the most out of it. Using Entangling Shot with Preparation with the runestone that returns hatred instead is usually a staple to using Rapid Fire. Not saying it's a must, but it allows you to get the most out of it. But then you're loosing out on Evasive Fire, and probably sentry.

I love Rain of Vengeance, Golden is really hard to pass up, but it works well with Alabaster, for control. With your build will probably involve something like popping sentry, using RoV, and then multishot to finish off the mobs, with Evasive, and caltrops to help control them. I don't really like Caltrops with Obsidian, because it's sort of a waste, because you'll be using it a great deal and the Crimson gives it damage, which will help a lot, immobilizing will help to control a bit more but meh.

I'm not a fan of Sentry, I'm unsure of if it's damage will be worth it. But if they can be used to pull moves off of you, it could be useful, but I think that Mark of Death is way better, go with Indigo. All in all though your build is pretty good, I'm hearing about issues with Evasive fire's pathing, but that may be fixed with release. For what we can figure out about Inferno it's a pretty good build.

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