apprentice brigandine coat: stats?

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Can you roll stats when you craft one of these chest pieces? it automatically comes with +vitatility... but i've crafted maybe 20 of them and haven't rolled +dexterity as the random magic effect on any of them... ?

and on that note... what is the maximum amount of stats available on the craftables right now?

ie the axes i think you can get up to 35 dexterity on... what about helmet, bracers, shoulders, gloves, boots, pants, belt, (chest) ? If anyone has any idea anyhow... ;) ... or if you can roll +damage on any of the above either.

A quick study of the AH gave me these estimated max values for Sentry/Hawk/Lion/Bear suffixes for the highest level equipable crafted gear:

Axe: 26 int/dex/str + 26 vit
Boots: 17 int/dex/str + 11 vit
Chest: 17 vit
Gloves: 11 vit
Helm: 16 int/dex/str/vit
Pants: 17 int/dex/str + 26 vit
Shoulder: 17 int/dex/str +11 vit

+dmg I have only seen on jewelry, off-hand, and select few weapons
thanks for the work you put in... then chest and gloves seemingly cannot get additional stat modifiers on them?

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