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Now that I have the beta and have played it through, to me, what is really missing is fields upon fields of the dead and other monsters. Perhaps it's just formatted this way to provide a simplistic beta, in which case, cool np, but it felt like the non dungeon part of the game was just as tunneled and enclosed as the dungeon parts.
I don't claim to be a gaming expert, I'm sure I'm not even using the right terminology but I just thought I should add my 2cents about what seems to be missing. Hopefuly someone that is an expert will understand and no wether or not this info is in anyway useful. gl.
TY, Looking forward to a great game!
Could'nt agree more, the only diff between the dungeons and wilderness are the tree stumps lol, both are just as enclosed. On this site tho if you say anything (even w/ good intentions) that does'nt reek of fanboy, you're gonna get flamed or banned. gl hf.
02/03/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Pest
Think, do you really want them to make huge environments to wander around aimlessly to find a group here and there where the terrain pretty much looks all the same?

Guess I always thought of "wandering around" as, ooh I wonder what crazy group of monsters I might bump into, never thought of it as just "aimless", but yeah I do see what you mean, ty.

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