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with the real money auction house, when an expac comes, their items that they spent real money on will be next to worthless. I figure some people will not think this far ahead in buying items. when they get the best items then they are the best for just that year or less. then they just get P.O.ed how will blizzard keep the items relivent, and adding more content. or will that just be somthing that people have to deal with.

what do youi guys think, i know i dont plan on puting my money in blizzards auction house because my items are allwase going to be eventualy not the best? is there any one planing on buying items from the auction house? if so please tell me why you would drop the money on somthing that will become not the item you want. or would people that buy items just not care usualy when the expac comes?
Uhh... Nothing is permanent.

By that same logic, why even buy Diablo 3 when eventually it will be the game you don't want? People spend money to enjoy themselves.

If someone wants to drop a measly $10 to avoid potentially hundreds of hours of grinding and kick some serious !@# - awesome! With how many people plan on grinding their nights away to earn a dollar or two, I have no problem employing their services for below minimum wage and supporting a great company while I'm at it.

Hell, for $20 back in Diablo 2's prime I could be rich beyond what I could ever have found in random drops grinding... and that would have been using an outside party! Just think of how much $20 will buy when everyone is trying to make a buck.
true, i just know that from forums of some games like wow people cry about their leet loot being not so leet any more. im just anticipating the QQ
The young kids generally wont be the ones buying the good gear so that will lessen up the crying quite a bit.
let's say you do inferno runs all the time. If you spend $20 on an item that will make those runs easier, (and thus net you more items) you are making an investment that will hopefully bring back a profit.

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