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I've been lucky enough to have a friend who let me play the beta at his place, and I have to say that the only concern I have are the character names.

For anyone who's not aware, when you make a character you go about naming them, as you do in these games, then once you're in game it shows the name that you have for your account. Now this is where the issue comes into place. When you're in a party, on the left hand side, it shows everyones account names, but the name above the characters shows whatever name they gave them. Also something that I just noticed today was, while you're chatting, it shows the name that you gave the character and not the account name, which is the name that is the easiest to spot (since it's on the left hand side with your party).

I only noticed this problem because I was lucky? I guess, enough to get into a group with people who actually wanted to talk. Looking at the party names and seeing Dude-A, Dude-B, Dude-C, Dude-D and then looking in the chat box and seeing Name-1, Name-2, Name-3, Name-4 was kind of confusing, you couldn't really tell who was who. It's not really an issue in beta since not very many people chat, but once it's released I can see it becoming a problem.

I guess my only question would be, could you just make it so it shows the character names or just the account names? I would prefer character names but I think I remember hearing that character names were not going to be unique, and I don't know what kind of problems that would make. But yeah, anyway, if you could make it so it just shows one of those names that would be swell.
For Battle-Tags, I'm assuming that's a beta issue, and I hope hope hope it won't be like that on retail. I agree it's stupid to see people's tags rather than their character names. Battle-tags should only be seen on hover-over, in my opinion and be used out of game primarily.

Also, as a side note about names is the Inventory/Character pane not actually showing the character name. I'm guessing (hoping) that the current UI for Character/Inventory is not the final version of it. They probably threw it together quickly to get all the information in a single pane, but I could see it pretty-ing up. And mostly likely the name will be prominent there.
Definitely seems to be an issue being mentioned quite a bit here and on beta feedback, so I have good faith they'll fix or change it.
Ya it was not like this until Battle-Tags came along. I don't like battle tags because of it.
I think the name of your character should be the only name displayed, whether it is on the left portrait indication, above the characters head, or in the chat box. Completely true!

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