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I am sorry if this has been answered but I am not sure what to search up to find what I am looking for, I have tried a few phrases but no luck.

Currently in the Diablo 3 Beta there are plenty of achievements to be unlocked. I was wondering if any of these will be transferred over to the retail version of the game. If so I was hoping for a Blue to list the ones that will stay, even feats of strengths.
None :( sorry.
Achievements will be in the retail version unless they decide to iterate them out.
However, achievements you unlock in the beta will not carry over, you'll be starting with a clean slate
The reason why i am asking is because I have looked over some of the achievements. Some are Level a Barbarian to the maximum level in Beta (level 13).

I can see these being put into retail if you have unlocked them during the beta.

... Better yet, 'Betamaxed' is a better example.

Or 'OverAchiever
It would be awesome if one can bring achievement like 'Betamaxed' into retail. Gears of War 3 did same thing.
Beta characters and achievements will not carry over to the final game. When Diablo III launches it will be a clean slate for everyone.

If it helps, you can blame it on the Lord of Terror.

that was posted by a blue. Found it for you :D

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