Breaking Items Very Frustrating at Low Levels

I am not sure if people with laugh or agree with me on this point, but I have found that scavenging for items as the monk was very difficult.

I personally enjoy breaking everything on the map as I make my way through the dungeons, and the spirit based system of the monk discourages the use of spirit for meaningless destruction.

Unless some kind of way to more easily break these items was discovered I would never play this class.
autoattack or spirit generators?
attacks like crippling wave arc to hit a cone in front... but if that doesn't work for you then maybe monk just isn't the class for you; don't think they'd add or change any skills for the purpose of making destroying objects easier... :/
Breaking stuff is annoying until Crippling Wave.

But after that it's awesome.
I feel your pain. It's the curse of the melee class. Breaking objects isn't fun with a barb either. Wizards and Demon Hunters are the best for getting those "10-12 objects broken in a single blow!" things. It is painful to do this with the Monk and Barb. I'm sure later in the game it'll be easier, but I do agree with you.
I just use the dash.
Ummm... use the 'Shift' key. I was over at one of my buddies house watching him play the Beta(I am SOOOO jealous) and he kept getting frustrated about this same thing on his monk. Then I remembered that in D2, holding the 'Shift' key down made u stand in one place instead of running forward if you meant to click on a target and missed.

It makes a GIGANTIC difference. Try it out. Breaking things with Deadly Reach becomes MUCH easier.
Yeah Deadly Reach is pretty good for it. I didn't find it too annoying even with fists of thunder.

Not as annoying as people rushing straight for SK rather than clearing the level for more loot anyways.

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