Breath of Heaven runes

BoH needs a rune that buffs it's AOE(included with indigo probably) and/or one that removes it's AOE for single target. As of now, every time I think of using BoH I ALWAYS end up reverting to Obsidian cyclone strike for multiple reasons....Are I noob?
I agree BoH is fairly underwhelming.
You can heal/prevent more dmg in a wider area for less cost with Mantra of Healing and its Indigo rune. And you can Heal for more in a wider area AND do a lot of dmg for slightly more cost with cyclone strike.

Essentially BoH then is either used once very 45 seconds for a personal dmg buff, or as an "Oh Sh!t" button that fears nearby enemies and heals you. Both of those options are viable, but if you wanted a mid cost group heal for party play you're better off clicking MoH.

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