How to pass the time??? Suggestions?

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How are you passing the time waiting for the release of D3? Or better yet, the release of the release date for D3?

Be creative ;)
Darkness II is a fun game that came out.

or WoW.




Play Skyrim. Again.
I just got into a relationship with a girl I've had a crush on for 2 years.

I could give a !@#$ when D3 comes out now.

But when it does...
Aside from studying for exams and girlfriend.

Hobbies, work, go out and drink with friends. Do things that you want to do!

Playing guitar, writing.
I believe I answered the question of

How are you passing the time waiting for the release of D3?

You did lol, not sure where the joke was in that
Play League of Legends.
Watch TV (Waiting on Game of Thrones!)
Read a book
Go to the club
Tinker with other gaming genres
StarCraft II.

Ladder reset on 14/04, so you only have a short time to spend that Bonus Pool. And with Season 7 coming up and new maps coming out, there's no reason NOT to get excited. =D

Playing the game, where the aim is to not think about the game.

That and SC2, Ultima7, EveOnline, Thief, Princess of Persia, Fallout3.
& Diablo3 Beta...*backs out of room*
I'll be going now...put down those pitchforks and torches.

playing d2 and d1 at work :P
stalk the local junior high schools......
Tera Online beta. :D

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