Dynamic Feedback From Discipline/Hatred

Demon Hunter
Something I've noticed while playing lately, I don't spend a lot of time looking at or thinking about the health bar, discipline bar, or hatred bar.

There is some feedback that is nonvisual, such as hearing the not enough hatred or not enough discipline messages, but maybe there is the possibility for something more dynamic?

For example, many games have dynamic ways of showing your avatar/character's health. Such as the progressively bloodied and beaten face of Doom II or having the screen fade to red when taking more damage in any number of games.

Yet, the Demon Hunter has 3 important bars and they are all fighting for attention from player. Sure, they're easy to get used to and approximate the values when making decisions about which abilities to use, but what if there was a way to make that significantly more interesting?

I'm thinking anything from more dynamic spoken feedback (rather than just "hey, your bar is empty" kind of stuff), to visual affects and animations that could reflect the need to be disciplined (yeah yeah dumb jokes aplenty, but that term is in the game for the long haul) or to release anger/hatred (this seems a heck of a lot more fun.

Anyways, curious if anyone else has ideas along those lines. Diablo has always been a game of repetition, but as such, finding really cool ways to make doing the same crap over and over simply really fun.
I would really hate it if they put animations in for resource deficiency. Those precious frames where your DH stands by could be all it takes to kill you. Not to mention it would just be really annoying.
Yeah animations would probably be annoying. What about more sounds? I'm mostly coming from getting easily annoyed at hearing the exact same line or two over and over when spamming abilities.

Partly because it distracts from the more interesting story and environment stuff, and in part because it could go a long way in helping people optimize their DH builds and styles.

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