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diablo.incgamers ?

they are one of the best fansites out there wtf is going on ?
diablofans is ok, but after sixen left not so much.

only fansite i enjoy is : diablo.incgamers.
Yay i got one. Boo huge download at 90 KB/s
Diablo.incgamers is the only source I use for Diablo III information. Sad to not see it on the list.
i cant wait for you all to get into beta like me and be like
"k, good demo."

in all fairness i think its longer than the ME3 demo i just played.
No love for The Worldstone Keep?
how about just release the game already..
I got evry single collector, but I don't get invite....and one of my friend who never play any blizzard game,took a no where cd key n got beta lol... blizzard just don't care of real fan.
Woot i would love plzzzzzz ... :)
Got an opt-in on my Birthday!

The Blizzard gods shone brightly on that day.
Hello, i hope all of you guys will get to enjoy the Diablo3 Beta Givaway and play lots and lots to get real good before the actual release since its gonna be so hard in hardcore mode !
I've been playing diablo2 for the last 9 years and never got tired of it, so i really expect alot from diablo3.
Thank you for letting me love your games !!! keep em coming !
Sounds great and all but am having trouble logging into any of those places after registering so meh. :p (except Facebook....go figure lol)
Also been a huge Diablo fan. Played the crud out of the first one then thought D2 (and the xpac) was godly hehe. =0))
This seems bitter sweet to me.

I want a beta key, but this is starting to be a lot of hoops to jump through in order to get a 30 minute demo.

I mean, do you want me to sit and roll over the next time you release some keys.

A better option would be to not give these websites an over abundance of keys and you know, just send them out to your loyal fans through this awesome opt in system you created.

I refuse to put more effort into getting into a beta. If they don't send it through opt in, then i'm better off without it.

Besides between HOMM 6, KOM:Reckoning, UFC undisputed 3, along with a laundry list of other games coming out (ME: 3 to name one), I have got enough on my plate to satisfy my gaming needs.

Again, why wouldn't Blizzard just send these extra keys out to fans through the opt in system, instead of creating some tedious promotion.

"Hey fans, go to 40 different loosely affiliated websites to get something we could give you easier"!
What happened to a Diablo fan site which plans to give away less than 500 beta keys?

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