Monk spirit and breaking stuff

Just noticed tonight with my barbarian and dh that when i'm breaking jars and barrels ect. I am building their respective energies. When I do the same with the monk there is no spirit regen. Is there a reason for this?
Monks hate having to break things.

But seriously, it's because spirit is supposed to be harder to build than the other resources.
A blue has said it is because you do not lose spirit over time like you do rage.
The Demon Hunter doesn't have to hit anything to build Hatred.
Spirit is the worst for resources.

Barbs can generate Fury twice as fast with Bash + Rune.
DH can shoot the air on top of their passive regen.
Casters are casters with high regen passives.

They really need to increase the spirit regen on the items you see it on such as head pieces, and monk weapons.

Unless there is some end game gear that can get the spirit per second tick up to like 3 or 5. Monks will always struggle to generate enough spirit quickly.

Using 2 weapons and the right spirit generators will get you some quick spirit. But this is at the sacrifice of strong skills and stronger weapons.

No other class has to worry about these decisions as much as the monk has too.

It just goes to show that the Monk will require that much more skill to be successful with it. Easy mode classes like casters, demon hunters will be more popular but the Monk in the end game looks like it will have more survival and will be able to bring it on.
I like spirit the most overall in both the slower nature of generation, the lack of degeneration, and that I find the Spirit generators overall more interesting than Fury/Hatred generators. Stuff like Bash and Hungering Arrow feel like filler moves while you're waiting for like Hammer of the Ancients or Rapid Fire. Deadly Reach, for example, is a lot cooler because of you are gaining benefits by building the combos while charging spirit for other moves.
The monks spirit generators are pretty cool and fun but compare them to the barbs fury generators...

Flurry? OP to generate Fury
Bash + Rune = Double Fury
Leap Attack = Dashing Strike but free

Just wish they would either increase spirit per hit to 8 spirit giving an additional 6 per combo grouping.

That would allow us to use our skills more often like the DH, WD, Wiz, and Barb.

I don't want to spend the majority of my time building spirit.. I want to spend more time using it with different attacks and abilities.

Example would be once release. A lot of Monks are wanting the Exalted passive to bump the spirit pool from 150 to 250.

With how long our current skills generate spirit, filling 250 will take some time vs's a barb blowing through 250 of Fury and building it back up is minimal.

It just feels slow in comparison is what i'm getting at. Fastest to slowest resources:

Mana (wizard), Mana (WD), Hatred(DH), Fury(Barb), Spirit(Monk)

I'm curious as to why the monk has one of the toughest resources to manage and build up. I don't see many items that add + to the total spirit pool like Fury does.

What if they moved two skills around.

Made Dashing strike a single hit Spirit generator and swapped it out with Wave of hundred fist which could cost spirit to use and be a single target skill.

I know its a long shot but it would be like the Barbs Leap Attack generating Fury.

They could make Way of the Hundred Fist behave like SSS

Except SSS attacks multiple targets. 1 target if its alone.
Way of the Hundred Fist attack 1 target regardless if others are near by.

This could give the monk a choice to deal AOE dmg or Single target dmg on a multi hit scale. Switching between these 2 skills.

It would sure help out in our spirit pool to have Dashing strike not be one of our spirit eaters.
"Fists of Thunder
Generate: 6 Spirit per attack"

Generate: 8 Fury per attack"

"Hungering Arrow
Generate: 3 Hatred"

@OP: I just posted the same question about this today, and then i searched and found your post. It seems to me that Monks SHOULD be able to generate spirit by hitting stuff, since they have the same wording as Barbs do on the skill. DH's just have to 'use the skill'... don't even have to attack anything. That makes sense with how it's worded on their skill.

I wish we could get some feedback on this... I'd like to know if this is a bug, or if this is how it was intended to be...

If this is how it was intended to be, they should change how it's worded on the skill...

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