Demon hunter build.. feedback please?

Demon Hunter
it will work on lower difficulties but on hell and inferno you will prob want to switch some things up.. having a move like rapid fire that roots you and no quick get away like evasive fire or vault means your prob going to get hit quite a bit by quicker moving mobs which in the later diffs are going to hurt quite a bit if we are to belive what blizz says. Personally I hate moves that root you as a ranged because your defenses are so much lower than the meeles. and rapid fire is a hell of one because it has a high start up cost for using it unlike similar type of root and dmg abilites like the lazer beam wiz have.
I see that you are mostly going for a boss-type build on this. Some of it feels too focused (?) on that though. Here are some suggestions, which might help you hopefully :3!bUh!YaZabb


Hungering Arrow Crimson -> HA Indigo:
The reason I made this change is for a couple of reasons: 30% damage over 5 seconds is 6% damage a second... which isn't that great (not saying it isn't helpful, as it a secondary effect, but I figured Indigo might be better). The other reason is that you only really have 2 mob skills. And bola is kind of a short-radius one at that. With this, you get a wide-ranged "AoE". It might also prove to do well on bosses (if the 5 arrows hit the boss at once, which I have no idea if that is the case).

Rapid Fire Obsidian -> Rapid Fire Alabaster:
I changed this due to the fact you do not have very many survivability skills (like betty said). With the slow, it will take the monsters a longer time to get to you... and.. well they are slowed xP. I would also like to suggest Indigo... but I feel like Poison damage might be a bit risky for your main skill.

Shadow Power:
Kept for the reason of it being cool. However, you might want to consider Alabaster (if you find yourself dieing a lot).

MfD -> Vault Alabaster:
I am just not a big fan of MfD... The ones that spread are fine, but single target seems meh to me. Another reason I changed it is for a nice survivability skill. Knocking them back, stunning, AND getting away from them might prove veryyy useful (especially for Rapid Fire Alabaster).

Kept because of Hatred Regen (which you will need some for more Rapid Fire shooting)

Bola shot:
Kept for AoE, Hatred Regen, and Disc Regen (which you will want to keep up).

Vengeance: Kept for more hated and the health globe bonuses.

CE ->Perfectionist: CE for just MfD doesn't seem like the best use for a passive. This also will reduce all your disc skills a bit. (And I also took MfD out as it is.)

Sharpshooter: Could be changed. Possibly using Cull of the Weak or Archery might be better though... Cull of the Weak sounds really nice right now actually.

(Note: You might want to even consider changing out Vault for Smoke Screen Obsidian and changing Shadow Power Crimson to Alabaster for a better survivability/hatred gain.)

I hope this helps out :3 These are just suggestions of course~
All very good feedback thanks guys!
@ Stalker

I would probably change bola shot to multi shot with the alabaster rune for discipline regen as it does more damage and is going to generate the discipline faster. I agree with cull the weak as it works really well with the alabaster runed rapid fire, also for fast hatred regen golden entangling shot is pretty good but i know why you want hungering arrow, so either way.

With that you could probably swap vault for smoke screen as you said with the obsidian rune, this will allow you to alternate between smoke screen and multi shot when you need to for resources, this also allows you to change out companion for something else, elemental arrow for fear, preparation for heal, MfD as contagion, any possible thing that you might find a use for.

I agree with most of your points as they cover a great deal of possibilities, the other thing to consider with builds is the gear you might want, this could help with hate regen, reflect damage, extra stats, it all depends on your play style.

Mm, true about Multi-shot being a better Disc regen. The one reason I would be wary of it in this build is the fact that Rapid Fire is such a resource drain, that multi-shot may not be able to be used much. If Rapid Fire was changed to Golden, it wouldn't be as bad. But as I said, I am not sure if a Demon Hunter would want an elemental damage as his/her main damage (and the slow is nice as it is). He should definitely keep it in mind though.

Trading out Companion could be useful as well. I do like the idea of it though (having a summon in general), so that is why I didn't really say anything xD. But I could see using Smoke Screen Obsidian, Shadow Power Alabaster, and Preparation Alabaster/Indigo working pretty well.

As for the gear part, very true. But as gear isn't completely finalized, the only thing I consider gear wise (usually) is what weapon(s) I would be using.

Good suggestions/ideas all around :3
I don't think that having an elemental damage as primary is a bad thing as such, it changes the damage type (obviously) which helps to change whom it can affect. My understanding is that if it is dealt solely as fire and no physical it could then bypass armour that the enemy would have, this would definitely become more of a problem in later difficulties as elemental resistances will be more common place.

I too like the idea of companions and i would like to use the ferret for as long as possible to give me that gold boost as early and for as long as possible, however i think that again in the later difficulties it will be a skill that we see less and less used replaced by something that fills a need more often.

True that the gear isn't finalized yet, but i would have to say that it wouldn't be too far fetched to think that they will keep resource regen gear in and especially towards the end of difficulty levels and such.

With regards to the hatred drain, i would probably go with smoke screen with an obsidian rune so as i get that hatred regen for discipline cost and then when i need the discipline i can drop a couple of multi shots to re-activate the smoke screen creating a loop. I have seen this in many other builds and i think it would work quite well for the resource management.

One other option to help with this is to only use rapid fire on strong single targets and use multi shot as your main attack. With this you can then take marked for death instead of smoke screen (although i prefer to be able to escape safely) and use the golden rune, this allows you to drop mark on a boss or elite (who ever is giving you a hard time) and that should allow you to almost use rapid fire indefinitely on that target even dual wielding.

SOOOOO GOOOD to see a constructive thread for a change. :)
Definitely like the combo of alabaster rapid fire and cull the weak, it really boosts the damage and use of the skill.
i don't understand why you would need Custom engineering when it is only effecting 1 skill marked for death while marked for death is already 30 second duration / only real flaw i can see i dont really like the sharpshooter ability either
-just my opinion

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