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A new blog has been posted detailing the skill and rune changes that will be seen in Beta Patch 13. To better concentrate discussion and feedback we’ve locked comments in the blog and ask that you please use this thread.
Thanks for the update, Neth.
Amazing changes! Thanks for the update Neth!
Great job Blizz.
Sounds amazing. Can't wait to try it out.
Cool :)
Sounds good. Now the only thing to worry about dropping are uber items.
While I understand the need to remove the persistent itemization from the runestone system, why not have them still tied to looting? In this way they could function like artisan pages/components. You would still need to loot to find them, thus preserving the fun rush of getting a good drop, but once ``read'' or whatever they would be integrated into the skill system as the system is now.

Further, I guess I don't understand why it has to be so many runestones ``attuned'' to each skill. Couldn't it just be six, that you update like gems, and swap around between skills? That would only total what, 30 runestones, once you had all of them at level 7?
Glad to see the new changes! Now I don't have to run around worrying about upgrading my runes AND my gear.
Wow, I can't wait.
Why are we continually seeing changes to the way we know the world of Diablo? Why is it that it's less about the drops and the gear, the tough decisions? Why are we seeing such a drastic change in pace taking us towards a casual game where there is no risk? I'm not a fan of this.
Great change blizzard
I'm excited!! I am actually really happy that they are part of the skill system; I am also happy to see the skill/hot-bar UI redesigned, as it was kind of confusing which was mapped to what.

Edit: So are we free to switch between runes at any time? If so why would anyone use the original ability ever? (assuming you were max level).
Sounds promising! Keep it up
Give me new patch!
come on patch! this looks awesome. it was smart not to implement then overhaul runes late in beta or after release.

i'm still looking forward to a future talisman for future customization (maybe just a fancy build it yourself necklace / jewelry system).

i'd also like to have 4-5 passive skills since these buffs look fun and would fill "Gap levels" where "nothing happens" when your not gaining a new skill. although i'm hoping the rune changes will help change this.

what about having rune quests/side quests similar to dragon chants in skyrim? or are we just randomly learning them from thin air? i'm interested in seeing how we "learn" a new rune.

Now, please...please send me a beta key :D

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