What i dont like about the Monk

I would like to share some things that i dislike about the monk.

First, The Mantras, I LOVE auras or spell that constantly show some sort of magical visual effect for a long period, but what i dont like about Mantra is that it need to be re-cast every 3mins or so, i mean i dont see the need of this, the cost of spirit to cast the mantra spell is a joke, and like why does it have a time limit ? Im not lazy its just that when it last forever i dont have to worry about it ever ending.

Second, The Bo Staff, awesome weapon, but why does it goes in your back most of the time ? It just feels like an attachement or some sort of charm instead of an actual weapon. and im 99% sure that the fist weapon disapear whenever you attack. in Diablo 2 when you cast a fireball with a sorc the staff does not spawn in your back, you will actualy see the character swinging or moving the staff around..

Third, Why do Fist weapon dont show while you are in town, what the point to have some super cool shiny weapon if they dont even show while you are in town, okay, fist weapons are not some kind of weapon that are normaly have some sort of sheath but is it realy that hard to just attach it to the side of the character ? like, it would be lame to be in a room with 4 different char that has some big shiny staff, mighty glowing weapons, but you have no weapon at all..

But anyway, i think that the monk is a great class but i wont see myself picking the Monk class as my main.
(Sorry for my bad grammar. I hope you dont have to much trouble to understand :D)..
- Mantras - I don't mind having to engage and choose to keep a mantra up. They also have the added "double bonus" benefit for 3 seconds after activation so sometimes I refresh them just for that bonus little bit.

- Weapons - A lot of the monks attacks are attacks that specifically use fists or feet. For example, you have "Fists of Thunder" and "Lashing Tail Kick". It would be odd to see him use a staff for these abilities.

- Fist Weapons - No clue, lol. I guess I can see them hanging on his waist or something. Might be neat.
As to the Bo Staff not appearing during attacks, I believe Blizzard stated some while ago that it was in order to "maintain the illusion that you are punching and kicking" because you're supposed to be a martial artist after all. They already have a class that's all about smashing things with weapons, the barbarian, so they wanted the monk to be a bit different.

A lot of the monks abilities wouldn't even make sense if you used your weapon considering they supposed to be massive punches or kicks, and the animations support this.

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