What will be your main end game goal ? *Poll*

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vote here:


you can post in this topic what you voted for and why. If you have another goal tell us what is it.
if pvp was your main goal before they said they wont balance it and it wont be ranked etc... please vote for pvp anyway, they may realize there more pvp players that they thought.
hc inferno
Inferno Softcore, when I have my character geared to the max I will engage on Hardcore though, but that won't be mandatory.
Little bit of everything for me.

But probably focus on inferno softcore
inferno sc and hc, sc to gear up a wiz and pwn noobs in arena
First char(s) will be Inferno SC, then at some point I'll give HC a try, if I enjoy the game.
hc - inferno - farm best gear
have fun with like minded people?
Find my soulmate.
probably inferno softcore + making some cash off rmah :D
I hope their are a lot of difficult and fun to achieve achievements - Got all the SC2 PVE ones in short time hoping D3's will be harder.
I chose make money from the RMAH, I wish I can make enough to build up enough balance to buy the next starcraft game... otherwise I will not buy the next starcraft
Why isnt have fun on there?
02/26/2012 01:24 PMPosted by D3BETA
Why isnt have fun on there?

Presumably you would do any of these things on the list because you found it fun.
Answering fun, is kinda like answering "food" when asked what you are eating.
Inferno SC, achievements, awesome gear and glory.
Killing them darned Uchuu Kaiju!
Inferno in SC
Inferno in HC if time permits
Your mom, regardless

Just kidding

I will find time to play Inferno HC
Complete domination first and foremost. I like a challenge, but I like working my way up to owning every creature I come across.

Also set equipment, I love sets.

Also finding every single random event in inferno. I love the random events.

... I guess I'm just excited for the game. The beta is amazing and I'm looking forward to getting past this content to the 'real stuff.'

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