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I dont think this should be in this forum but it wont let me post in beta. Well i bought the yr subscription thing for my wow account and i thought i get Diablo 3 beta and get the game pre ordered. How do i find my Beta key i havent been on in two months so it might be lost in all my emails, but i been tryin to figure this out for awhile but no luck.

Thanks for any feedback =)
You don't get the Diablo 3 beta, you get the WoW:MoP beta when it comes out.
The year subscription doesn't get you into the D3 beta. It gets you into the next WoW beta (Mists of Pandaria of course).

If you do happen to have an invite though, you'll find it under your account summary. No need to check your email.
thank u bah i misread was so excited! lol!

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