Possible to get changes after released?

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So many changes happened ... are those good changes or bad charges ... no one can judge other than Mr. Jay and Dev. team. When Diablo 3 meet its release is everything going to be locked in for good or stay unlock accepting future changes?
in diablo2 there were a lot of changes via patch

so id say everything is open to change after release
If they see an issue, I'm sure it will be fixed as quick as they can do it. They won't let a game be broken or have a huge flaw.
the game can change drastically after release with patches look at D2 and all the stuff that was added to that.
yep. they're called patches
Heh~ I know the "patch" :-)) the word "change" I meant towards to game mechanics or as "major change" Doom mentioned.

Thank you all for using your time replied my question :-D let's hope for the best~

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