Rapid Fire Spam Build

Demon Hunter

Planned for PvE. I have only the calculator to work with at the moment (not in beta) so excuse any underwhelming effects I've chosen. This is planned for another person I know to be as simple as possible to play:

- Rapid Fire spam (Golden to reduce hatred costs) and replenish hatred with Preparation-Crimson (hatred pool boosted with Vengeance and Perfectionist makes Preparation cheaper makes this pretty efficient)
- Multishot can be threaded in on groups to maintain endless discipline pool.
- Marked for Death and Shadow Power for sustained burst on single targets (boss) with golden for both to increase hatred and reduce discipline cost.
- Companion golden (bat) for more hatred regen to sustain Rapid Fire.
- Nightstalker for more discipline regen

Obviously can't theorycraft too much this early, but it looks to me like a sustainable and uncomplicated build. Control and avoidance is zilch, but for a person playing on easy I would guess it's viable.

I assume the channel cost is paid once (in full, if not interrupted) for a total hatred cost of 16 per Rapid Shot. If it's a 2-second channel (again, guessing) the bat will regen 5 hatred, for a net cost of just 11 hatred per Rapid Shot (ignoring normal hatred regen even). At least a full 10 uses on one pool of hatred? Then refill the entire pool for 17 discipline (Preparation reduced via Perfectionist) and resume fire. With criticals restoring 1 discipline each, it seems like there would be a good amount of it regenerated from an entire hatred pool of Rapid Fire.

Unfortunately it's going to take until level 25 just to get Preparation for the core of the build, but could be workable.
After reading a bit more I'm off some on the mechanics of Rapid Fire channeling (not static) so it would cost 16 for the first second, 10 each second after, with 6 hits per second (modified by attack speed, as is the channel cost). A rotation of Marked for Death, Shadow Power, then Rapid Fire for 8 seconds would cost 5 discipline, 13 for Shadow Power, then you'd have 6*8*1.3 = 62 shots for around 108 hatred or so, but 20 refunded from the bat and another 124? hatred from the Marked for Death Golden effect? Hrmn, that's actually endless hatred already without Prep. Repeat Shadow Power and Rapid Fire twice more, then restart the rotation with Marked for Death. Entire cost is 44 discipline, but 186 shots fired. if 24% crit (asking a lot?) that will regen 44 discipline.

All calculations so far ignoring natural regen of resources.
Channel cost on RF is labeled according to 1.00 aps, the cost is approx 1.66 per arrow and you fire at x6 the speed, however, all that goes out the door when dual wielding*

the initial cost (20) is nothing when you compare your spend rate on hate per damage after 11 arrows relative to other hatred spenders on a single target.

without knowing critical chance% in release...
I'm planning Web shot (alabaster), since holding still means I want some CC to enhance the channeling time + Cull of the weak for the 20% bonus. This should maximize the full use of vengeance, as well augment entangle shots hatred generation with more damage.

* http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4063006761#20
cost of channeling starts compounding per arrows cost, from 2% up to 20% (1.9+ per arrow) when dual wielding

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