significant buffs are significant

Demon Hunter

entangling shot now kinda sucks people

hungering is now wildly OP? 115/.65 = 177% avg damage per arrow (up from 130.7%, a 36% effective increase)

impale nerfed, ouch skill way bad now

quivers give +damage

crafts can get damage, slingshots will be OP :)
Nerfed 3 of the 4 skills I've selected for my build so far, but to be honest I'm completely fine with it and will stick to the build anyways.

Also buffed a few of the skills I wasn't planning to use, so TBH I think whatever they're doing is heading in the right direction to make skill selection a tougher choice.
disappointing overall.

ya, some buffs - but other classes got just as many, if not more.
the lack of aoe damage output as compared to other classes will not have changed very much.

just one example among many:

Weapon damage increased from 135% to 150%

- vs -

Arcane Orb
Weapon damage increased from 225% to 250%

i mean seriously? ^ this skill was already op.
yet it gets a 25% buff as compared to chakram's 15%.

Chakram 135% to 150%
Arcane Orb 225% to 250%
yet it gets a 25% buff as compared to chakram's 15%.

it's the same effective buff (11%), not that I even used chak

Bola + RF was plenty of area pacification for my playing :) and Bola was buffed a ton, effective 30% & 46%
remember we have yet to see the skill changes to 14+ skills and skill rune thing buffs / nerfs. Dfans prob have it up tomarrow or today.

Also you can only spam like 3-4 orbs before going oom. Chakara you can spam so much before gooing out of resource.

Also you can only spam like 3-4 orbs before going oom. Chakara you can spam so much before gooing out of resource.

don't need to be able to spam orbs when they hit like thermonuclear weapons.
where as chakrams hit like wet noodles.
02/18/2012 07:58 PMPosted by Xopher
I LOVED using hungering arrow,

people use to have a point when they used entangle but I also stuck with it just for the auto target... But now HA is sick
02/18/2012 07:58 PMPosted by Xopher
LOVED using hungering arrow, and liked it even more because most people I saw didn't use it. now I don't think that will be the case.

Yea, I never even considered it because of it's lower damage output, but I think I might consider giving it a try now at 115% damage.

I never really cared about the "tracking" stuff, it didn't seem like any of the monsters (at least not in beta) really ran fast enough to dodge a normal DH weapon shot.

1. the pierce effect, if it pierced and hit the same target that's effectively 170% weapon damage.

geometric series

avg dmg = damage/ (1-not pierce)
85/.65 = 130.7

now it is 115/.65 = 177%


Extremely excited, the DH buffs (to two skills I plan on using, Bola Shot and Steady Aim) combined with all the WD nurfs pretty much sealed the deal for DH being my main (and first class) come release :D
Love the buff to Steady Aim, combine that with Cull the Weak, Marked for Death and Rapid Fire and you have some awesome domino effect of demons dying one after the other.

Overall I really like the changes made, was annoyed by the reduced increase to hatred pool by Vengeance but it boosts the use of health orbs even more. Chakram is that little bit better now too and i'm thinking that I might actually use Bola Shot now with the damage increase. Shame that Entangling Shot had it hatred gen reduced but hopefully the runes still stay similar for it as i mainly used it for its affect rather than the hatred generation it provided.

Like the changes to skill configuration which still allows advanced players to continue as before but still allows new players to get a better understanding of what some of the skill are used for and capable of.

All in all i think the changes are absolutely awesome. Sucks to be a WD though.
posting some of the change we get in beta,

Hungering Arrow
piercing arrow (lvl 3 I think) increases to 55% (dark arrow with gold particles)
115/.45 = 255.5% avg damage, massive buff

Cinder arrow (lvl 13) adds 35% weapon as fire over 3 seconds

Bola shot
volatile explosive (level 8) AoE range of 14 yards, massive buff for beta

we get strafe now, she follows where you mouse over
Yeah we get strafe now.

Entangling shot nerfed to 75% weapon damage and 3 hatred gen >_<
dual wielding is no longer hands down superior

not when you can get 3-6 damage, +17 dex and hate regen on a quiver

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