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If I've seen blue posts in class-specific or other specialized forums, I would post there knowing it would get noticed. But to my own knowledge I am unsure of whether or not it would get noticed.

Fairly simple issue, and it's splitting hairs.
But Chakram (to my knowledge) are usually perfectly circular. Shuriken typically are the jaded and bladed.
I know it's so tedious to point something like this out, but I feel like "Shuriken" is such an 'awesome' term. And there's already a rune called Shuriken Cloud, which if you simply imagine it mentally looks awesome.

Plus, Demon hunters already have a "ninja assassin" type feel to it. The term chakram seem to pull away from it I feel.

What's everyone's opinon? Leave the term at chakram, or change it to shuriken?
I GET IT... i mispelt opinion ... that's why there's no response... silly me
As long as the graphics remain the way it is, there is no way it could be a shiruken. It is a chakram, and it makes sense as one.

I personally love that it's a chakram and NOT the over-used shiruken. It gives the ability a lot more of an identity.
I wouldn't care either way. I'm guessing they went for chakram because it's a lesser known weapon, opposed to shuriken, which are much more common in popular culture. That and shuriken generally are very small, and the chakram spell is much larger and would confuse people? I don't know.

I still don't know why they went from Mongrels to Zombie Dogs. One was an awesome name that aptly describes the model, and then other is just silly. Seriously, if you haven't noticed, go look at the model. It certainly doesn't look like a dog raised from the dead.

So, I guess one silly change deserves another... and that's why you've got Chakram.

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