What "flavor" of Class would you like to see?

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02/17/2012 11:04 PMPosted by Tankmeharder
i honestly think that a DK would be a bad situation, try like he mentioned an angelic sort of tyrael, but with like path of darkness, path of light, and like a neutral earth path would be sicker than full blown aids.

I *really* like that idea! Kinda reminds me of Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Now *that's* an idea I could really get behind; Angelic warrior using both Divine and Unholy, as well as something in the middle.

Blizzard, if you're reading this, the idea gets my vote for an Expansion Class! ^_^

EDIT: Seems like there's a a niche he could fill, as well. Weapon-and-Shield focus, maybe more reliance on close-range spells than just physical attacks, God only knows what kind of resource they might use (hah, that's a pun!"

Story-wise, maybe you'd play some kind of Exiled Angel/Seraphim, who is tasked with fighting the legions of Diablo to earn redemption? Could open up the possibility, as well, for utiilizing those darker-themed abilities.

Of course, I love me some D2 Druid, so that idea gets my full support, as well! Plus, since the Witch Doctor has the whole "Pet" thing under control, the Druid could really focus on taking full advantage of his shapeshifted forms, or summon even more elemental fury!
I would totally play a Civilized Chap.
If a bard class was introduced into D3 in an expansion or w/e, I'd personally like to see him as a follower like the Templar. He could write songs about you as you wiped out hordes of monsters and help out when he felt like it.


Something with emphasis to shield

Don't care how they pull it off though. These just seem like two types that are missing
02/18/2012 12:38 AMPosted by nOrain
I'm not sure if you are trying to imply that the fantasy rpgs try to over do the setting in which they place their cultures or if you think that they do a very good job of it. Some clarification would be nice. Although, if you studied the middle ages you would know that in the latter days of these ages plate was quite common. Often used over their mail shirts. This would imply that the time period of most fantasy rpgs probably follows more closely around the late 15 to 1600s.

Yes and no. Plate was indeed most popular in the late middle ages; however, this is also the height of the Renaissance, which was a far more structured society than the ones portrayed in typical fantasy RPGs.

Either way, what I'm saying is that fantasy likes that era as a model, which is why we have plate armor--NOT because fantasy = plate armor.

Posted by Sense
Modern fantasy has its root and popularity in Tolkien's revival

I know of several people that would disagree with you on this.

Then I know several wrong people! Prior to LotR's surge in popularity (which was not when it was published but actually in the late 60s), Sci-Fi was the dominant 'fantastical' genre, due in no small part to the space race. Star Trek, Dr. Who, Lost in Space, tons of bad Alien/monster films, etc, take us well into the 70s, which culminate with Alien and, of course, Star Wars.

Meanwhile, Dungeons and Dragons first emerges in 1974, not but a few years after LotR becomes a household name. It would be hard to posit any other date as the beginning of the RPG genre.

Of course he's not the first person to write fantasy, and indeed things like Arthurian legend have gotten mixed up in it. Never mind that the first popular telling of King Arthur dates from the 1100s, and puts Arthur's reign in the 5th or 6th century! There was certainly no plate mail or cathedrals or gothic architecture around at that point; Rome had basically just fallen.

But what I do mean, and stand by, is that he gave the modern, non-Arthurian notion of fantasy both its kickstart and its defining legitimacy, not to mention several of its tropes.
When a soulstone is smashed, the soul of a prime evil is banished to the black abyss. There is also a place known as the void, a kind of a limbo between planes, into which certain beings have been banished. The most well known example is Lilith in Diablo lore. It is possible to return from the void, and theorized it is possible to return from the Black Abyss.

So with all those human souls raised up as undead, and killed in the events of Diablo 1 and 2, AND the humans possessed by the prime evils(Tal Rasha, the Dark Wanderer, etc) and eventually having those soul stones smashed, what happened if some human souls were to wind up in The Void, or having somehow been dragged into the Black Abyss with the demon souls to which they were tied?

Basically, I'm thinking of another dark class, but not a demon hunter-esque survivor who uses the strength of demons against them. I'm talking a human who lost, and died, and has somehow returned from the place outside of the planes. They faced nonexistence, and perhaps for a time did not even exist themselves. Now somehow returned to the world of mortals, these void manifestations attack by attempting to erase their targets from reality, banish them to the void realms that shaped them, or lash out at them with tendrils of absolute nothingness. In a sense, living shadows and specters. Not undead. Something else entirely.

Pretty cool right?
A javelin type class, which excels in dual wielding javelins and spears + shields. Think kind of trojan/spartan, but in the Gothic Fantasy realm that is D3. Light and fast like the monk, hits which pierce and shred the opponent like the Demon Hunter. Don't think clunky 'jab jab at the demons'; think racing in and out of combat in well-manoeuvred flashes of steel.
Blood Wizard.
Described here:

It's a caster with no mana or arcane focus or energy or fury or anything. All his spells cost some of your health to cast.
... In a sense, living shadows and specters. Not undead. Something else entirely.

Pretty cool right?
Quite cool indeed...
Shapeshifter, with maybe an assassin flavour to it.
Druid. That Blizzard excluded them in D3 rustles my jimmies.
I find it hard to believe that Blizzard will implement a Paladin or a plate-wearing Tyreal-type playable class, simply because of the Templar follower. The same thing goes for an Assassin/Rogue class not being in an expansion for the sake of the Scoundrel follower (and of course the Demon Hunter similarities).

That being said, I can see a Death Knight-type character equipped with heavy armor and a shield who has melee abilities and limited use of dark magic. Possibly the use of magical weapons. They would be similar to the Necromancer (minus the minion summons) and opposite of the angelic Paladin role in sense of zeal.

Also, I think that a Bard/Druid hybrid class is a likely possibility in an upcoming expansion. These two classes are a part of the Diablo lore but left out of D3 thus far. I picture a cloak-wearer with weaker melee power than that of a Monk, but able to use elemental magic (different from the Wizard) to root, damage, and weaken enemies while attacking with short swords, and with the ability to shape-shift into animalistic melee form for brief, powerful attacks.

I dunno- just a couple ideas.
i thought were supposed to pick a "flavor"????.....i pick green apple man. i love green apple
green apple man uses power of the apple fruit.....like juice to the eye and apple seed barrage
Give me a shapeshifter.

Or bring back my summon-spec Necro (20 minions, muahahahah!!!)

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