What "flavor" of Class would you like to see?

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I think it would be to have some kind of Demon class.
Based on the old Bad Demon gone good but still uses demon powers to kill evil.
i.e. Spawn, Ghost Rider etc
You would have demon skills. That could be !@#$ing awesome.

Now that I'm writing this out it kinda sounds like maybe a death night but thats not what I'm
invisioning. Technically I've never played WoW so I wouldn't know wtf a Death Knight is like I'm sure someone will tell me.

Demon Warrior= demon auras e.g. powered scars, tattoos, or markings; that grant speed, life steal, or phase shifting
Class Weapon= claws, chains
class specific gear= soul gem? or something related to letting them break free of their masters: the Primevals.

Demon Castor/Ranged type: does more enchanting type spells to make self stronger and attacks from range. Not as mobile. Maybe some type of Shadow form.
Class weapons:: Spear, Whip, Scepters

Just throwing ideas out there. Don't have a beta key and suffering.
02/18/2012 06:04 AMPosted by Achilles
I wouldn't know wtf a Death Knight

A "Death Knight" is generally a fallen Paladin, or the "evil" equivalent of a Paladin.


Also I would like to see a character that can morph/transform into a Tank and blow !@#$ up. That is all.
02/18/2012 06:06 AMPosted by TCPMathmick
I wouldn't know wtf a Death Knight

A "Death Knight" is generally a fallen Paladin, or the "evil" equivalent of a Paladin.



Well yeh I knew that much, I just don't know what kind of skills and weapons stuff he uses in WoW. He is supposed to be based on Arthas from WC3 but from what I remember from WC2 death knights were squishy casters with real asinine spells. I could be totally remembering those wrong thought cause I haven't played either in a long while. Thanks for the clarification though.
02/17/2012 11:19 PMPosted by D3BETA
Necro or mabe a battle mage, seems like there are alot of swords and axes in the game but even though the monk can equip them ( and thats alittle silly cause well....hes a monk ) there are no classes other than the barbarian for hack and slash

Do some research about monks before you think they only used staves and fists...Then realize there is a melee battle option for the wizard in the beta, and thats just the first 1/3 of the first act.

i agree with a heavy plated shield using class. the barb can be this but im talking a true plate and shield class where most skills are based around shield play. some type of knight.. would also like to see a true rogue. dagger/stealth type because im not sure dh will fill this role well.
Paladin. I have never played an rpg where i havn't played a paladin. actually almost didnt buy the game because of it, i was so disappointed to find out the paladin would not be one of the character classes. hope blizz changes that.

More seriously not a paladin. The last thing we need is a tin can.

Angelic avenger (see avengers from D&D or the angelic class from Sacred) could be cool as an almost paladin while not being a tin can but the Monk has that somewhat covered.

An interesting mechanic could be something that plays optimally weaving ranged and melee (we currently have 1 pet/ranged, 2 ranged and 2 melee centric characters with no real combination other than some very specialized Wizard builds).

A death knight would be ok (paladin mechanics but not shiny and looking like a sardine tin, maybe mixed with a bloodmage type mechanic).

For those who played WAR the Shaman mechanic was really cool, essentially half (let's call them light) the spells give "light" points up to 4 max which are expended to boost the next "dark" spell and the dark spells do the same for light ones. So you could weave them in differently for different bonuses (usually concentrating on one type with the occasional massively boosted one from the other type). It would be a different mechanic and can be reskinned to any flavor of class.
I think i would really like a palidin type class thrown back into the mix... but what i really want is the necro back. With bigger and badder armies than ever... ...
The "SO"; he's registered and has a van with blackout windows!
id like to see some kind of illusionist.
A Vampire, Not Like The Lame Kind From The Twilight Series Either....

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