Hungering Arrow pierce per target...

Demon Hunter
So far i tested the theory pplz been wondering = does it actually pierce through one single target multiple times just like back in D2 prenerf Guided Arrow.

After many tests, i am happy to announce that yes, given you have the rune attached with then 55% piercing chance, on many single elite monster (which actually takes several hits to kill) i am thrilled to see that on several occations, HA pierces through each target on an average about 4 times, and my best record goes to 7 pierces on an elite enchanted.

Sorry i couldn't record the goodness, because i'm having trouble with my CCP atm, but feel free to do some excesive testing yourselves if you got the time and see for yourself.

PS - On the skeleton king, i've gotten many 4 pierces and one 6 pierce with eight tries.

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