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I get the whole rune system now and I actually like it, but I hope there will be things to make it harder to unlock some...

Like for example a rune for bash where you must complete inferno to unlock it, and doing so lets you tremble the ground below your enemy causing AOE damage

Or say by finding out what the chat gem really does allows you to use a mystical unicorn as a follower who turns all enemies into a carebear and rainbows get farted out when they die.
Yea I'm going to miss the thought of the runes being some form of an item in game that you can trade and blahh blahh. I also don't like how you gain the runes as you level making inferno kind of a different ball park since you wouldn't have had the higher level runes until you get them through inferno. inferno is pretty much all gear based now, leaving out that awesome feeling of finding a lvl 6 or whatever rune. The skill runes take a BIG wow factor out of the whole wait for this game for me. We will see whats up when this game is released.

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