Hardcore limitation, why ?

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I agree with this argument, actually. I fully understand why someone would want to play through the first time on HC and have that thrill of the unknown.

Thank you.
02/27/2012 01:24 PMPosted by D3BETA
The possibility exists yes I am aware of that, and that makes it more exciting. What do you people not UNDERSTAND about this? Further more, why do you care so much about a feature you won't use, to try and some how make sure nobody else can?

I am absolutely going to play, if you check my post at #22.

It seems like we're just running around in circles, though.
1st of all to start a hard core character you only need to beat normal mode once and the ability to start all the hard core chars you want is unlocked. Its not 1 HC char every time you beat a norm mode.... thats just retarded.... 2nd although I would like the option to play HC from the start, someone had a very valid point... I would hate for the game to have some glitch that hasnt been worked out yet that causes me to lost hours or days of work... lets face it, I dont think blizz has the best record for game launches, They are ok... but have yet to put out a game that was flawless... For that matter I dont think any company has....

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