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For those that have read through the entirety of the Book of Cain:

Were we to make a follow-up to the Book of Cain, what would you like to see in it?
More expansion on the world, particularly the areas and regions the D2 and D3 classes come from. I want more in-depth examinations of their origins, and stories.

Some of my favorite parts in the Book of Cain are those about the Necromancer, and then the small section at the end describing the world at large. :)
Personally, I would love to see a follow-up that really goes into detail about the main characters in the world of Diablo. This would include characters from Sanctuary, the High Heavens, and the Burning Hells. The Book of Cain is a great primer, but really doesn't delve too deeply, as generally, each character only has a single page of information. Additionally, there is little about characters from Sanctuary, both past and present, unless you look closely and read in-between the lines.

So, what I would love to see would be a more detailed look into most of the Diablo characters, potentially supplemented with some first or third-person stories from or about that character.
The Book of Cain seemed to be all-encompassing thus far, in most regards. In a "sequel," I'd like to see the Diablo III events as well as any events that happen thereafter (because we were told that Diablo III would be the last in this particular story arch), information about any new classes that potentially get released with the expansion, and we can't forget about Trag'Oul. Trag got a beautiful two-page spread with only a small paragraph accompanying the image, so certainly more information there.

I also like the idea of including more information about the world itself, like what MonkIsHere suggested.

Perhaps the second book could be written in the perspective of Leah, as it seems she it supposed to be taking over from Deckard Cain anyway. This would also allow you guys to go back and cover anything Cain had already addressed in his journal.
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Assuming Leah survives Diablo 3, of course.
I would like to learn more about Inarius and Lilith, and their little scheme that created Sanctuary. I know we have the overall story, but details on how/what they exactly did would be a good read
What i found most interesting was the ancients, Anu/Thamermamrmm(dragon). Also more about angels ... Demons are so straight forward yet the high heavens seem like a place of mystery and each of the angels are so mysterious i would like more interaction and lore between them. Also... the hotness between Lilith and her hubby... don't feel like looking up his name... sorry for being terrible at remembering names. Also the Eternal dragon that had one page was super interesting to me, also Rathma or w/e the necromancer creator who might be a dragon/serpent now... that lore was so sweet to me... funny most the stuff i enjoyed had nothing to do with the main story but just made the world seem that much larger in itself.

PS great job on the book Chris M. and co... would buy the book again, and again.
The Book of Cain sure covered quite a bit in terms of lore, and the only way I could see a "sequel" is if there were another book written from a different person's point of view. Preferably from a source you wouldn't expect, but would be intriguing at the same time. Someone sided with the Burning Hells and the Prime Evils.

I think it would be rather interesting to see Sanctuary from an evil point of view instead of humanity's. But the question is... Is who would be the author? What demon/evil figure has enough time to write between gnawing on the bones of defeated heroes?

That would be for Diablo's lore guys to figure out.
Me personally would love to read a book from Tyreals perspective. Always wondered why exactly he did what he did. Would be interesting to hear the story's from a non mortal.

Also Tyreal could bring us more information on the eternal war far greater than any mortal could. He could go into detail on all of the high council etc.
What timing this is. Some day soon I'll get my Book of Cain review out but I'll toss out my thought's sooner that I considered BOC was lacking.
  • Finalization of the Overlord's origins. Surely the story of the Butcher and Hephasto as fallen angels intrigued Deckard Cain to research into these abominable creatures, despite the haunting memories of lost townsfolk .
  • Exploring the persona of demonic followers such as Diablo's favored servant Astrogha (invading Westmarch) or Azmodan's Dead Sin lieutenants.
  • Duncraig and Kingsport need some attention. So far seems like no one expressed any interest in the absence of these two locations.

  • A "World Chronicle of Sanctuary" tome so to speak complied from Abd al-Hazir's writings and notes before his unfortunate disappearance (or written after D3 should he been saved) be one scourebook that many lore-buffs greatly appreciate. Further in-depth account primary focused on the lands of Sanctuary ranging across their: history, culture/orders, battles, and figureheads (or foes) of note.
  • EX1: The struggles and life of the barbarian tribes in the western continent (and Ivgorod) in defending Mt. Arreat under Bul-Kathos' guidance, activity during the Sin War, unification under Worusk, the Immortal King's reign before the coming of Zakarumite crusade lead by Rakkis. And the events that followed afterward etcerta.
  • EX2: Exclusive insight into the many conflicts of Mage Clan Wars that ravaged Kehjistan for centuries.
  • While fascinating chapter of lore I couldn't help but sense it only indicated the Clan Wars was a short lived conflict rather a grand series of conflicts due to the lack of a time frame.

  • Filling up those 20 years after Lord of Destruction with events outside Cain and Leah's perspective intermingle with a Book of Cain II or Abd al-Hazir tome also be insightful.
    Yes, please! Book of Cain 2 sounds cool, but I believe there are other possibilities like Horazon's Journal, he kept close eye on great events so he could be used as a good source. Abd al-Hazir could fill the bill too.

    I'd like to see a book dedicated to the background of all the different societies and clans, as well as a describing the lands of Sanctuary.

    Another thing I had in mind is a book written by an angel or a demon (or a some sort of servant). We all remember the awesome and scary tomes in D1 "Glory and approbation to Diablo!"

    And while I am ont it, Izual was completely left out of Book of Cain.

    Also, an audio version of Book of Cain? :P
    It would be really cool to have some lore about sidestories like the countess, rakanishu, blood raven and these memerable villains :D <3 thank you for even considering a sequelt to the awesomeness that was TBoC :D
    also, an audiobook would rock!
    I'd like to see more information about not only the named minor villains like Rakinashu and Pindleskin, but also about the different monsters that we'll see. Just some more lore background on what domain of hell they come from, what they're known to do, etc.
    Bestiaries of enemies from all 3 games.
    More history of the classes and why got involved.
    More of anything really.

    PS PLEASE put the Book of Cain on audio book voiced by the man himself. :D
    I've enjoyed book of Cain. I would like to see more background on the different characters or rather their profession (assassin, paladin, etc.)

    I would also like to see a monster compendium with some cool artwork on all the monsters as well as weaknesses, strengths and some lore about the monsters, maybe where they sit in relation to the other monsters of sanctuary and the burning hells.
    One big bad illustrated Bestiary!
    Definately continue to make the books in the first person of a character from the game.

    THe book of tyreal would be awesome..

    The book of diablo would be pretty kewl too..

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