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I haven't read anyone else's responses but I feel this question would be best answered after we've played through the story of Diablo 3?

Also I own the Book of Cain and loved it. I own all the novels as well and the first two of the 5 recent comics.
WOw such awesome ideas guys! Gratz!
I aprove all of them.

Assuming diablo lore will "end" with Diablo 3, im not sure what to expect for the next releases withing this universe....really.

Maybe if Blizzard let us know more about their plans for the Diablo Universe for the future we could do some reasonable thoughts.

Definately the book of tyrael isnt a good idea IMO, cuz he is an Arch Angel, not a writer. Hes not human and he doesnt give a damn about writing stuff.
But i agree with Leah continuing Deckard's stuff. Assuming she will survive the events. But, lets be realistic: If Diablo 3 will end with the storyline, what would we want to know more AFTER the events of the game?

Isnt it supposed to give us an END of the storyarch, after the possible expansions off course?
My most requested documentation would be a timeline.
Also, it seems it misses a lot of history through notable civilizations such as the barbarians and the druids.
I would want a monster beastiary. The lore is kind of interesting to read through once, but a beastiary would keep me coming back.
I'd like to see accounts of the various enemies, townsfolk and random events from the point of view of either the game characters, or the followers.

Almost like a compendium of experiences acquired throughout the game.
It wasnt the easiest thing for me but I managed to even get a signed copy of the book of cain (although im from germany) and i absolutely love it! i dimmed down all the lights and read it listening to the diablo soundtracks. a simply smashing experiance!
Since I didnt read the other diablo books, I enjoyed the (short) parts about all the characters i heard about or met in diablo 1 and 2 (i.e. bartuc & horazon)

since the content of the book of cain was about the events prior to those in diablo 3, I would make the sequel the Book of Leah, telling us about the events of diablo 3 we're about to face with some more in-depth looks at the locations of sanctuary and the different character-classes themselves!

btw i absolutely love the artificial look of the book, please make sure to keep that by!
I would like to see a lot more artwork of heaven and hell, and the different areas that may exist there. I really enjoyed just looking at all the wonderful artwork that went into this book.
More information about hell and heaven. Flush out those early eons of existence that are just hinted at as mythology in the Book of Cain. I'm not so interested in backgrounds for the playable characters in Diablo 3. Just more background content for the Universe in general, it makes the settings for the playable characters we use more interesting.

EDIT: I also support the idea for a Beastiary as well! D&D monster manual comes to mind!
My favorite part of the book is the description of the prime evils. I'd like to see more backstory/descriptions of all the enemy types like Cain does in game.
For purposes of understanding, this is a review I posted:

Read the whole thing in almost one entire sitting. Parts of it were pretty good, such as the Anu / Tathamet story and the art (esp. with Tyrael!). However, I was left with a sense of disappointment after I was done reading Book of Cain. It took awhile for me to pin it down, but I can now say that source of it is the fact that it is lacking nearly any depth. I thought I would get more out of the experience despite the book being based on the fact that Diablo III is not out yet, however... I didn't.

If you're a collector of anything Diablo-related, you should be rather happy with this book. For those more casually-minded, you may want to save your money for any novel stuff that comes out after the Diablo III release.

What I want to see:
  • Depth -- lots of it! You want an idea of how much? I'm the gal who actually reads the entire appendices of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now, it doesn't have to be on the order of Tolkien, but you really need to step it up because I feel BoC was a major letdown in that area.

  • Artwork variety. There wasn't any real variety to the pictures in the book. Sure, there was Tyrael getting some extra treatment due to the role he has played in the Diablo universe, but it would've been great if others could have had more exposure. Also... color!

  • Looking old -- or not. You attempted your best to go for the "old scrolls, scraggly writing, margin notes", but it is my belief that that did not work out. Barely-jagged edges, very glossy pages, inconsistent writing style... I think you'd be better off sticking to a more traditional format.

So in summary, I am looking for a far-meatier "sequel" that will offer what I've mentioned above, with the caveat that it have very little re-using of previous material except where needed.
Count me in the Book of Abd al-Hazir camp. I kind of like Heaven and Hell being mysterious places, where our knowledge of them is inferred, from disputable sources. Sanctuary has enough cool stuff (people, cultures, monsters, geography, etc) to fill out a great book. The nations at the end of Book of Cain were really interesting. Also, I'd like al-Hazir to be more thorough and strict; there were lots of points in Book of Cain where you stop and think, "How would Deckard Cain, or any other human, know something like that?" Malthiel, the arch-angel that no human has ever laid eyes on, darkened just after the Worldstone's destruction. Really, Deckard? Did you ask him yourself? Abd al-Hazir should stay away from that crap.
I think it would be really interesting to learn more about the denizens of the Burning Hells. I know we see a lot of monsters in the games, but I think it would be really cool to see where each type of monster originated from and what Prime or Lesser Evil they served under. It would be really cool to learn more about those who live in the High Heavens as well. A few biographies of the angels were in the Book of Cain, but not much was revealed about who else may reside in Heaven. :)
In Book of Cain II I would like to see a story/lore regarding Diablo III expansion packs and next Diablo games (kind of prelude for next Diablo game, coz as you stated before Diablo III won't be the last one, maybe MMO?).
Although a book from Abd al-Hazir would be really interesting. I think it would mostly shine the same light as Cain could. We have already done a lot of palling around with Cain, so it kinda seems more like a recap, which I like for a first book. For a second book it would be nice to have something we haven't rolled with. Heaven or Hell. We play as characters from Sanctuary, so we already have some info there. More books from Sanctuary wouldn't really a different point of view. The Heavens and Hell have quite a lot of information that people would enjoy to hear. From a different point of view, the story can seem quite different.
personally I'm all for Book of Tyreal :)
Since the first book explained the events leading up to Diablo 3 content, I would like to see a book explaining in depth what is happening all through-out the events of Diablo 3. For example, The Book of Cain explained the fall of the black king, but I would like to read about why he is back as the skeleton king, and what destroys him entirely, etc.

ALSO, can it come with a wicked "eternal conflict" poster?? pleeeasse? :)
I'm gonna agree with MonkIsHere, more story surrounding our heroes and where they're from.
When I read Book of Cain I was lying in my bed with a couple of candles burning and the music from Diablo 2 + Lords of Destruction, which added alot to the feeling.

I know this is alot to ask for but having an origional soundtrack for a book would be really awesome.
Definitely break-dance fighting.
I'd like to see more on the classes especially the necromancer since they seemed to be steeped in all the mediums of the lore including the books.

I'd also like to learn more about characters like Lachdanan and also a bit more about the history of the regions like the rise of Lut Gholein or of the Westmarch Kingdom.

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