Book of Cain II: Electric Boogaloo?

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I just read the book and really enjoyed it. I would love to see a book from the angels' perspective, especially as mentioned above things like the Fifth Battle of the Diamond Gate. Sounds pretty epic. On a slightly silly note I really want to know what it means to be a mortal angel - will Tyrael need to eat/sleep now?

Where do angels, demons, and mankind go when they die?

I'd also love to see some stories about religions/mythologies for the witch doctor, monk, barbarian, and the templar order since the little snippets we got in the game were intriguing.

Also any theories on what the destruction of the worldstone means for angels/demons and nephalem could be fascinating.
I personally like anything that further elaborates on D1 lore. Like, what were the names of the rogue and the sorcerer? Why wasn't Aidan with Lachdanan when they went to confront Leoric? Or was he? (Diablo III: The Order set it up to go either way).
I really enjoyed The book of Cain.
What i would like to see if there is a next one is cain having a chat to each of the heroes from D2 and D3 about their life, city, beliefs etc.. but make it as if someone has found journals hidden in Cain's room and has put them together and whatnot.
Another thing i would like to see is a bestiary by abd el... the other guy...
Also maybe elaborate more on what has happened in the past.
Also give us more detail about the heroes from D1, we already know what happened to the warrior but what about the archer and sorcerer?
09/17/2012 03:17 AMPosted by KRUSTY
abd el..

i think i know who

and he is an idiot.

let Decard Cain make the bestiary.
more about the zakaroom (mind my spelling XD)
Quite honestly I'd prefer a new D&D book.

By the time you guys throw out the next expansion WoTC will have D&D Next out. I mean, we had books for the last two games, why not for this?

Think of the bestiary source book it could be! With loads of details not covered in Cain's Diary and some retcons (Please don't let Tyrael just stick around before the fight with Diablo, say he was trapped along with the followers...).

Sincerely, right now I'd much rather have the 5 short stories that were put out for each class as a paper book instead of the ebook you guys are planning.
In the letter to Leah at the beggining, it was all hand written as if by Cain. It wassort of a mood kill when it went to italic thereafter. It's a great book don't get me wrong, but something like a hand written journal would be sweet. PS, I started playing D3 exclusively because of that book. Gonna go back to D1 and 2 to get the entire story.
How can there be a sequel if Leah and Caine are both DEAD?!
Where is Wisdom?

What is beyond Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell?

What is beyond Death, the Journey of Man?

What is the nature of Trag'Oul, from where is it, where does it go, are there others?


Aside from these glaring monumental lore landscapes, how about a more simple Beastiary, or a Beastiary section!

The writings of al-Hazir were great!

Let's read more about skeletons and their summoning, succubi and other various demons, imps, notable demon personalities and more!
The Books of Kalan!
Looks like we're getting Book of Tyrael (OFFICIALLY).

So book of cain II will have to wait.
04/16/2013 01:17 AMPosted by Chris
The Books of Kalan!
I was thinking today, and I'd still love to see this published. I'd also love for it to be written like scripture. If not that specifically, I'd still love to see a Diablo publication written like that.
I'd love to read more about the Sin Wars, the Mage Clan wars, and The Dark Exile period of events.

Everytime I read about them I can just see SO much potential for future games that could work as prequels. Seeing as Blizz are now getting into the console market (I hope you guys continue to!), it would be incredible to see an Action-Adventure game along the lines of the God of War series in terms of gameplay.

The epic scale and set pieces of those periods (Horadrim vs Baal anyone!?) would translate beautifully in a scripted action adventure game. The mind boggles!

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