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I think the rune system is a lot better now than the item drop one but it still feel like something is missing. What kind of improvement could you think of that would make it more fun.

Here is my suggestion, I did post about this over a week ago but what if rune had XP. You could level them fairly quickly to what they are now ( which seems a bit like old lvl 4 rune ) by doing 1 run through Hell/Inferno and then slow down the process for the last 3 levels. Make is so that every time you switch a rune it goes back to lvl 1. This would probably make people feel like they worked to master their build. Only issue I see with this is that people who wants to pve and pvp with the same char would have a problem. You could always have a way to buy an second build slot where you could alternate between 2 builds without resetting your runes.

Feel free to criticize this and post your own suggestion.

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