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02/21/2012 08:24 PMPosted by BigDeezy
I'm a positive Patty and not a vulgar Victor. May I join? :)

Yes lol.

02/21/2012 08:22 PMPosted by MerLock
I am interested, where do I sign up?

Roodrood had the idea of using my name as the clan name in order to find it if all else fails, although deciding on a good clan name would probably still be best. I will invite/accept any signs from this thread. So far I have:
Count me in for the Clan.

You'd need at least one Canadian to make it legit.
Already have one here for yea boys

Very nice community. Very in to D3 and they Stream it every day as far as I have seen it.

This is pretty cool. Maybe we can start a forum or something. I can do it if recruiting gets really crazy haha
02/21/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Emarosa
I'm interested in starting a clan for release day with other positive D3 players. Diverse play styles welcome; casual or competitive, hardcore or softcore, doesn't really matter. Specifically people who show respect to each other and aren't vulgar.

F You. I'm not a part of your system.

lol sorry. I had to. Good luck with your clan. ^_^
How about <Purification> ?

Tag could be (PUR) or (Pure)

EDIT: Sorry Robot, beat you to it. Edmonton, Alberta!
Count me in. Played D1 & D2 and loved 'em both, still play D2 on occasion. And for the interest of the topics in the thread, I'm 29 and use voice chat; usually I'll just run Steam in the background cause I find most people I play with have steam and it doesnt' really seem to bother anything else.

Only issue I might have is availability - so long as you don't mind that I work a damn crazy schedule and may not be available for all events.

Thanks all,


EDIT: For what it's worth, glad to see something like this get started. I'm finding more and more that it seems there are less good-natured people playing.
02/22/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Roodrood
I can't think of cool clan names, just awkward ones.

Haha, Also I am a Canadian as well, maybe there is something in our water that makes us easy going.

Also AdLit Ill be all over the place with play times as well, if we get a good sized clan going there should always be some people to play with.
Possibly thinking of just calling it Serenity, or SereneSanctuary. Dunno though.
How about the Diplomats?

Any others....

I wouldn't mind being in the guild if it was named that.

In all seriousness.

I wouldn't mind being in the guild if it was named that.

In all seriousness

Especialy when we dominate in PVP against guilds with xX in their names and the words death, scythe, blood and dark lol.
Vulgar like expletives? I think I just got shafted since I'm vulgar and positive. :)
02/23/2012 07:24 PMPosted by Zane
Vulgar like expletives? I think I just got shafted since I'm vulgar and positive. :)

Ya, It's kind of contradictory and defeats the purpose of having a positive playing environment. Not passing any judgment on you or being all "I'm a better person cause I don't swear" that is far from the truth and not what I am getting at. Everyone is equal. Yes 90% of the world swear its just nice to have a pastime in which you can take a break from it, as well as negativity in general. Also promotes a co-operative, respectful environment. Diablo 3 will be a fun game to spend some free time we might as well reflect that in our community. Instead of complaining and being abusive to one another like most of our day to day lives already are.

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