I'm confused on what the Trade-offs are in d3

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You can choose to farm for your gear, or buy it off the auction house with gold or with real money.

Other than that, you can only equip so many pieces of gear and skills at once, so, y'know, don't buy too many pieces of gear.
You can choose to come to the forums and listen to people defend this new skill system to death as if it were some holy code.

Apparently asking for even a little taste of permancy for your characters is heresy and you will be completely run from the forums and probably murdered while you sleep.
You can choose 6 active skills and 3 passive skills per character.

Those 9 skills can be switched out at any time with no penalty, just a 15-20 downtime.

The only way to change/boost stats is with gear.

Runes and Skills are on a progression based system with no choice or input by the player on when they unlock.

There are 5 characters.

You can buy/sell items on the RM/Gold AH.

There are 4 Difficulties; Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno.

You no longer need an item to identify items, you simply right click.

They increased gear options by adding shoulder, leg and wrist items.

They removed having a second option set of weapons.

They removed stat restrictions on weapons and gear, instead you are restricted by class/level/type.

They reduced the total gem/socket item count from 9 to 4 (Removed: sapphires, Diamonds, runes, jewels, skulls)

They increased total number of gem levels and changed their bonuses.

They decreased the managed stats per class to 2. Whichever stat increases your damage and vitality.

Every class has a unique resource(s).

Runes are no longer an item. Also they apply to skills instead of to gear.

The item stash is shared across all characters.

They simplified the menu's.

They made an atrocious looking chat that appears to have been slapped into the game quickly without much work involved.

You can create and customize a banner which shows your exploits (achievements).

PvP is now arena based team combat instead of open world dueling/hostility.

Your profile shows your stats, achievements, characters.

You have two options of skill UI. Either one system the game hands options to you or the other option where "supposedly" you can create a build on your own with no aid from the game but are restricted by what options it gives you.

That's all I can think of. Feel free to add more.
There are no tradeoffs.

Or more clearly stated, the concept of "opportunity cost" doesn't exist in Diablo 3.

This is a video game, not economics.

First, Opportunity cost does exist in D3, it is just a very very very small opportunity cost of 15 seconds of your time.

Second, there really aren't any heavy choices to make. Just make a character level up and cycle through all the skills as much as you want when you don't mind losing 15 seconds.

third, "This is a video game, not economics." Believe it or not opportunity cost is one of those things that always exists regardless of what you are doing at any given time.

Sort of like how gravity doesn't cease to exist just because you close your physics text book.
You can choose

Which character
Which Sex
Which Skills
Which Passives
Which Runes
Which Gems
Which Items (if you farm enough)
To play hardcore if you want after completion on normal difficulty
Which dyes to color your items
Which style and look of your banner
Which companions

Lots of stuff as you can see.

thank you!! thats way better than D2
Free respecs mean more customization and more personalization, not less. Just because other people could theoretically copy your build doesn't mean that you will run into thousands of people with exactly the same character build. In fact, it is quite the opposite - with over 2 trillion possible combinations of active and passive skills, it is incredibly unlikely that anyone else will have exactly the same build as you.

More importantly, free respecs encourage players to actually try multiple variations of their build and work on "perfecting" it themselves - with their own character and their own time - not an online guide or calculator.

In D2, the mere fact that I had a level 89 lightning sorc discouraged me from trying a slightly different lightning sorc build. It would feel so similar, just weaker. So I didn't get to play around with variations of the same spec. If I was going to start a new character, I'd go for something totally different like a Smitadin.

In D3, the cost of tweaking my existing build is 15 seconds. I'll be able to make minor changes, doodle around with various passives and runes, and eventually settle on a build that I really like. (with a few hot-swaps for any bosses or encounters that reward specific abilities) Since I will create my build by direct experimentation on my character, I will feel a lot more ownership than I would with a build copied from "Werebear Wiki v1.10".

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