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Make sure they can roll beter mods than uniques, otherwise they will be worthless in end game thanks
sorry there legendary* items now
02/26/2012 08:47 PMPosted by Bickers
sorry there legendary* items now

They are also, NOT gold... : (
I'm sure the design team will appreciate your reminder.
100% agree with OP makes the randomness much more exciting. With that also being said not every char would have the same exact gear like the end game of d2 for example ( obviously based off char class/type ).
I remember back in the day when d2 was flooded with end game uniques and runewords some of us started dueling in rares only or rares+magics, that was a lot of fun...

Now regarding the rares in d3, I do hope that in some rare cases the rares can get some awesome combinations of stats that make those items overall better than some legendaries, but of course this is situational at best and depends greatly on the build.

I guess what the OP wanted to say is that a certain degree of overlapping between rares and legendaries is highly desirable and would offer more in terms of customization.
If you look at the stats, there are "white" weapons that have a much higher damage than almost all legendary and crafted items. Legendary items might have some unique stats, but with the same affixes, rares will do more damage.

As it stands, rares will be the best items in the game. (I'm assuming there are a few legendary typos where items do around 1kdps)
agree rares are the best, unique are now lame purple right? It feels wrong and unattractive please do something about this.
03/21/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Wirt
agree rares are the best, unique are now lame purple right? It feels wrong and unattractive please do something about this.

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rares were baller in d2 idk what yall are talking about
boots, gloves, circlets, ammys, claws, orbs etcetc

and then stuff like the jmod was only magic but probably the most valuable item in the game late into it's life.

uniques are always just popular and easy to ask for. people just lazyup and dont wanna spend the time looking through the mods to see how awesome they are.
The best aspect of d2 (classic) was the randomness of the rares. They were actually unique, as opposed to the "unique" items....

Random rare items gave this game a gambling feel, which I love. If I had that nice Din hammer that no one had, I felt complete.
Im sure there will be godly rares. The hope is that for most unique items in the game, it can be trumped by a rare with perfect/near perfect rolls. However, those rares have to be much harder to come by than the 'standard unique'

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