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I don't understand why at say, level 1, i'm not prompted to choose between Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, or Electrocute. At level 2, ask me if i want Arcane Orb, Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent, or Disintegrate. Lvl 3, let me choose from the remaining 3 spells i didn't choose at lvl 1. so on and so forth... When runes unlock, same system, let me choose whichever of the 5 runes i want. They're all supposed to be equally balanced (approximately), so it shouldn't imbalance things

i don't see why doing that would do anything but give me a vastly superior sense of *me* training *my* hero; not *someone else* training *my* hero.

Every game, no matter what you do, is going to have players learning spells/abilities/talents/skills/whatever, that they don't care about and will never use (unless forced). So even if you guys think that this system will lead to a final 5-20levels of "not having anything of interest to pick", so what. That comes with any game. (besides, this information could be used as easy feedback on what skills/runes really should be beefed up a bit... at least in the "attractiveness" department. nothing is quite as fun as a game patch changing a previously !@#$ spell into one that's now competing with my previous favorite)

An additional, less important suggestion:

Why not give me the option to distribute say, half the stat points i gain at each level? Honestly, i doubt in the long run the stat-point allocation will matter at all since items will likely have such high stats that our base stats will be completely dwarfed... but still. Sometimes it's just about creating the illusion of significance, not the actual genuine existence of significance. Look at racial choices in other games; do those racial choices really impact the game heavily? no. but people make big deals out of which race they chose and why; even if that choice had no significant bearing on how they played the game.
cause the task to choose a skill is way to much for Average Joe
ITT OP prefers illusory choices to non-choice.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.
ITT OP prefers illusory choices to non-choice.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

yea, more or less. in the end, i couldn't care less that i'll end up as basically the same wizard as any other lvl 60 wizard. It doesn't bother me because my personal skill and items are enough individuality to satisfy me. I'd just prefer if i could get towards the more enjoyable spells of the game faster, as opposed to having to goof around for a while with a fmeh layout of abilities.
ITT OP prefers illusory choices to non-choice.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Illusory? It's only illusory if the skill runes are unbalanced and that even though you are presented with a choice, there are only a few good choices, so it's not like you have a choice anyway.

Cause some of the rune effects are clearly way better than others.
Because some abilities are way better for the early game than others.

Electrocute doesn't hit for much, but it hits fast and in the early game it doesn't need to hit for much. It's clearly superior at level 1.

Ditto Crippling Wave, which is a bit slower but so much broader that a monk with it doesn't even need to spend spirit in the early game.

As the game progresses, each skill should, ideally, develop a niche. But for leveling, some are better than others, and access to those skills has a big hand in the difficulty of the early game.
Stop trying to make the game Fun OP. What do you think this is? A non console Action RPG that has infinite gameplay, replay, and loot where you spend all day customizing and making choices that could alter your entire game in different ways which will determine if your choices were good enough to supply you treasure on your adventure without dying in a horrible way?

Wow.. just wow...

fun is trying out all skills, not just going with the ones you've planned out using the calculator, I mean I don't understand why people like the idea of sticking to one build throughout their entire playthrough
ITT people who can't be bothered to read the OP but still continue to comment.
ITT OP prefers illusory choices to non-choice.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Oh look, a parrot! Here is a cracker!

All choices are illusory. No matter what you think you're choosing in any aspect of life you're going to die- and die alone. Illusory choice certainly helps a lot of people pass the time, though, so let us not discredit the concept unilaterally.

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