And Justice will fall onto the world of men.

Lore and Story
From the book of cain's mention of the prophesy it stands to reason that Tyrael is the fallen star.
Any other guesses?
From the book of cain's mention of the prophesy it stands to reason that Tyrael is the fallen star.
Any other guesses?

That is a popular theory, and one I currently support. I think Imperius kicked him physically (and meta-physically) out of the High Heavens.

Some folks have hypothesized that the meteor could be the Black Soulstone, but I personally believe (after reading the Book of Cain) that the Black Soulstone was hidden by the Horadrim in some location already on Sanctuary.
Well, Tyrael is the angel of justice, so that guess is quite interesting, and the most reasonable one so far.
It can't be the black soulstone, like Löri said. According to the Book of Cain, Zoltun Kelle went mad and wanted to have a soulstone and ended up creating the black soulstone; that's how I understood it. So the soulstone could be over at his archive, but then again, Tyrael just might've taken it.

Guess we'll have to wait and see :)

EDIT: BTW, in the book of cain it is written that the black soulstone is filled with: rage and hope, fear and valor.
So go ahead and try to figure this out! Are Imperius' and Auriels souls in there?
( I highly doubt that )
Most likely no on their souls being in there. For now (Ominous). I've heard rumors of imperius being a boss in the game, so maybe you seal his !@# away.
And the black soulstone is likely to be in zoltun's hideaway, as that was one of the locations shown in Blizzcon. So im thinking you get the stone, seal imperius, as for rage and fear. well, that would mean mephisto still kicking around, unlikely, though diablo still has a fingerhold in sanctuary.
Also i saw a thread where people were saying (ironically no doubt) that belial is posting as cain. Funny, but unlikely. Belial will most likely be the child king they referred to at blizzcon
I really thing it's Tyrael, since he's the arch-angle of justice.
We all were 99.99% sure about him being the fallen star;
I just visited the old Diablo 3 website:
There's Tyrael standing in the cathedral, back then I always wondered "why and how?".
Now I'm 100% sure that the fallen star is Tyrael.
It's not just that it may be Tyrael, but it's literally the sign of a disaster that's coming--we just are not quite sure what happened.

The word disaster seperated into dis and aster from greek mean bad star, and that's what the game starts with.

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